Wednesday, March 3, 2010

JaZzY FiZzlE @ Armani's

playing a saxophone in owr?
(who does that?!!)

armani's Bar 'n' Grill
in works layout?

the place's nice and cosy

for beer & its point 'n' kill fishes
(just like their name, they do alot of things 'n conjuNction?...Lol!)

dOn't tell me you don't still get it?

anything other than executive brothels
and drinking sprees!

with timaya blasting through the speakers
or j martin's 'oyoyo'

& 'iva'

wande coal's 'ghana freestyle'
2face's iMpLiCaTiON!

& most things from M.I would do too

i get carried away at times!

was just drifting through my playlist

but puhLss not a jazz replica of these things
what makes you think that's lucrative?

anyways innovation's always welcome!

by me,
& i'm guessing the world at large too

so you just might make that difference
hope you stand the test of time!

G yet another successful endeavour,
more grease to those elbows!


i thought that car or rather, my bad!! THE mini van was for baby mamas only!
don't tell me i just mistakenly stumbled on a scoop there,

you always did seem uptight,
you got a baby mama too?

this one you're always seen switching cars!
today's the hyundai sonata

& maybe,
just maybe on days that involve


-->> the red mini van!!
(the colour's even cliche!...Lol)

i know normally no one should reason this far,
but i don't count myself as normal

don't be deCeivEd!!!

there could always be more than two sides to a story!



Anonymous said...

lol @ the way u seperated urself from the rest of the world

Cassie said...

Tattler, u're on point.
Kip it up
Pls more on bombay

Anonymous said...

Now who u tattling abt here? d dude who runs Armani's Bar n' Grill or Bombay as Cassie said? am still trying 2 figure out d point 2 dis tale.

Nomy ohanz said...

Go take an IQ test.

o.tattler said...

Nomy Ohanz, you seem to be becoming a regular here...want to get to know me?

o.tattler said...

Nomy Ohanz, you seem to be becoming a regular here...want to get to know me?

Mudd C. said...

I love this blog but nwanne ka owu nwanna. This article was almost pointless is it a sign dat u r lacking gist dese days judging from UR L3L3 article and This. I am not in owr nw so I need gists on d real pple to stay in line dont tell me owr has become as dry as ur last 2 articles.... No hard feelings but den i need to know wats really good...

Anonymous said...

lady or gentleman wats wrong with someone showing that he/she has skill; by playing a saxophone,maybe (s)he'll get paid for it or is gettin paid for it..but u..u r bloggin about it and uuuuhm yeah i dont tink u r gettin paid,so drop gist or go do somethin useful dont try to talk-down someone hu's looking for a way up..ok

Anonymous said...

This is rubbish. Be creative & leav pple who are trying to make meaning out of their life alone. I tink itz about time u got a real life urself. Mschee....w

Anonymous said...

This is rubbish. Be creative & leav pple who are trying to make meaning out of their life alone. I tink itz about time u got a real life urself. Mschee....w

o.tattler said...

you think i don't get paid for this?

Anonymous said...

its dialla stewpid, futo. Drives two cars in skul, always wondered y?

Anonymous said...

nony ohanz again!

Anonymous said...

o tattler your owerri's best source of information pls what's really up with the ihemes. you know their mum's a slut, their dad beats her up and chases young girls aroun, their first two elder ones are imbe....then is it yugo, he's retarded......did i mention the mum sustains the family with the money she got from AHIA....can't believe u haven't heard this yet.

MR NICE GUY.. said...

aint u guys tired of talking about the ihemes eh..cant u guys open ur eye for crying out loud..this guys keep progressing no matter what u guys me whoever u are sayn such of a family ur own family wld all die young,ur parents wld never enjoy the fruits of whatever they have laboured..this jealousy is getting too much abeg,its now getting into me like am a part of them...God forbid..dats y success elude u pple..cursed humans

BOMBAY... said...

HMMMMMM, al these talk bout the ihemes shld stop joooh,how can you be scratching yourselves for them? after dissing theyll still go bk to the best crib owerri has seen while u guys go bk to ur ''ANT HOLES'',u know the funniest thing eh,the gurls dissing them wld still fall at their feet when they call,theyll still be loyal to for the boiz same me let them be,not like u bring sweet gist about them its always same old stories...make una KAMAKAZI for those pple oo..they don move ahead oooooooooo..umu owerri mepenu nti..ndi obi akpor ga anwu taa na echi..

Anonymous said...

jesus christ of nazareth king of the jewss..lekwa akpo on top nono and her bobo..if she no giv u now means shes and ahia..@biology..ure jst a bastard nono and her boo r happy togeda so u beta suck on dat..

BIOLOGY... said...

whats the point sayn ur generations to come are bastards as well since ur hidden under anoymity eh?we all know either her or her associates hav been insultn n dissn yugo,,,me i dnt like yugo but let them be ah ah..shoooooh? and who says nono is happy wid her bobo?if ur own definition of happiness is sleepn wid diff men for money at the order of the so called bobo then ur a BASTARD indeed..

ckice said...

tattler ohh so u now do ads.k cool.

Anonymous said...

otattler U R NOT GETTING PAID FOR THIS..SO DONT EVEN FORM...u r jus lousy,shameless gossipgirl/boy wanna be ,who spend all her/his time watching movies and bitching about other people, i mi nice gossip blog,but its gossip and not talk down...get it right

Izzy said...

Na wa oh!
Armani, iheme nomy, yugo, nono & bombay... Cassie we know u too. has definitely been touched by the Tattler. Kip it up!

MR. WNC said...

Dis is just a lil word for these cock suckers who do nothin other than kiss the ass of rich people like the Ihemes. Are they the richest motherfuckers in this town?

Dj Bombay and all this fuckin praise singers go make ur own money and stop praising some faggots who gat no single swag. Their kids are loosers man cos if my peeps were as rich as these fuckers i wont be seen in owerri driving one stupid altima or woteva u call it.


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