Tuesday, March 16, 2010

-->> e-aDVertS <<--

i'm back to purple,
i'm back to colourful!

i think i want to look more receptive to advertising

i'm open to e-adverts now,
Or have bEen for a while now

you know i'm the next bIG thing in otOwn
(...i even hear pot bellied men are talking about me)

clUb hOuses,
bArs (uPcomiG or already dormant)


relAxation jOints,

you name it,
i could help increase your customer bAse!!!

A hinT:
everyone's on otattler @ some point during any day,
sO how best to advertise services being rendered by you??

i don't need to over emphasize the fact that we're in the 21st Century
& almost bEing run out by tEchnolOgy & itS tactics

i have an email address

send whatever you want to me
& i'd be sure to reply

i'm not a monster,
& probably if i am...i'd be taggEd a nice one

i've received emails about favors,
aS reGards my pOsts or commentS

& they recEived my prompt rEsponse

i know this dOesn't quite fOllow,
bUt i just needed you folks to see this more like an interactive forum

my identity might be anonymous,
bUt accessibility to me isn't far-fetched!



Anonymous said...

Yeah, and gucci too. D asshole is just a pig

Mr Def said...

Yeah Tattler, advertise this.
I'm sweating lyk hell from Fucking one of those girls on d pixxx and she doesn't give a shit about u.
Says I shud post this for a good B/J in d interlude b4 d 2nd round.
I'm just tryna get laid AGAIN. Lol

speedo said...

Idiotic fool, I know we men think with our dick's somtyms but I din't think dat small, rumpled, miserable thingy would count for a dick too... he he he he!

o.tattler said...

your comments facilitate a blow jOB?

pls by all means post more comments!

Anonymous said...

Well this is just normal O- town gist...U aint missing much....Pretty

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