Sunday, September 12, 2010

BBz & MatchBoxes

My town isn't backward after all, oTowneRs are moving at the same pace as the rest of the world. I'm talking about going along with the bLackBeRry craze that recently swept the country.

Don't go misusing the functions or getting it twisted, the BlackBerry is a business gadget in the sense that it keeps you abreast with the trends as they set & emails on the go, not a medium of gOsSip or a show of class. Having one doesn't make you better than the next, or classier, it onLy means you found it necessary to acquire one.

Its the latest good stuff to hit Nigeria after Opera mini & countless cheat codes; considering the fact that we've got to leave mediocrity and feel at ease paying for services being rendered, the BIS fee, although way too exorbitant at the moment, is a welcome development.

If you've recently realized that you seldom receive phone calls or seem left out of the loop, I'm only guessing its cos you haven't got yourself one. They say it makes friendship a whole lot easier, I think I endorse that school of thought a 100%.

This isn't my usual sinister self, so the MatchBox ish isn't a personal dagger aimed at anyone in particular. An efficient automobile is one that gets you from Point A to Point B, without the hassles of hopping from one keke to another and trekking the rest of the way, on routes you haven't exactly mastered or those not motor able.

My point to this, there's no need waiting to take the highWay to wealth with a 180km/hr speed limit. Just like it is said in the hoLy books, all is vanity and it is always better to learn that sooner than later. So if you're privileged to have a working car, feel free and ride in it with your heads held up high.

Slow & Steady wins the race, I know normally this turkey won't fly with me bUt winning the race is all about arriving the end alive and doing so with the least of regrets. I'm talking about *yAhOo* and its many other fraudulent counterparts, I hear many oTownERs have taken things to the extreme by engaging in despicable acts & taking extreme measures (yAhOo +). In the end, its all vanity, trying to impress, trying to oppress, feeling among, getting more ass than a skirt, they're all vanity. There's a time for everything, its only normal that we should learn to wait.

For my BB folks and those literate enough to access the internet, hit me up with emails, we could run this shit together. If you love my works you could do the same, everyone loves to feel appreciated.

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