Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ohakim 2011 (My 2Cents)

It normal for just about anyone to vie for a political office, but it isn't just every one that can function in the service of the people.

Make no mistake either
Rome wasn't built in a day and a palm wine tapper doesn't just leap to the top of the tree, life is a gradual process just as good governance is.

The intent to do good, or function appropriately is always a good sign for a start and we've seen the much our incumbent governor Ohakim has done already.

People are generally ignorant except for those who go out of their way to change the status quo. We most times prefer condemnation before even a chance of redemption is given.

We follow false tales and slandering nails as quickly as bees with a stolen honey pot.

Go have a look at and even the lay men would be put in the know, as to the much our governor has done so far. Its normal if we aren't conversant with the progress of things or just how effective.

Let's try and reason with ourselves, and work our way back to stability with little steps of logic

This is not the first time we have been made outrageous promises and had our expectations raised high. Free Education no matter how feasible, is going to be hard to actualize in our present day Nigeria with her fast growing population.

Prof. (Mrs.) Viola Onwuliri, a trail blazer in her own right and running mate to Governor Ohakim, is from a well known & respected family background, both from her marriage and birth side.

Vibes around town are that Gov. Ohakim picked that one candidate with the capacity, goodwill, credibility to strengthen his acceptability and chances of securing his re-election bid.

Nonetheless, we shouldn't overlook the fact in as much as it might seem like a selfish ploy, she is the right decision for the people of Owerri and none other would suffice.

As an academician, who better to relate to our cries for the Educational Sector reforms in our dear state?

Who better to be our advocate, when it seems conscience has been thrown to the wind?
Just like with the case of the brutality doled @Mr Iwuoha's Activism*

Just like a wife is to complement her husband in the marriage institution, leading to the overall progress and sustainability of that institution, let's give this joint ticket with a difference, the chance to bring Ndi Imo the much needed change we have been clamouring for.

Dredging of the Imo river is difference enough, its innovation that should be embraced with both hands. Opening Imo State directly to the rest of the highly commercialized water ways*

Join hands, Let's Do More*
We, collectively as one, have the power to wield change, not some Electoral Process or mouth watering promises