Friday, March 12, 2010

hApi bUfdaI gini -->> tHe seQuEL <<--


didn't quite have the full gist on your party before,
wondered why!

you're known to make a bIg bAnG wiTh tHis sort of thing,
bUt i understand the theme of this last parry was "insufficient" funds!!

what happened to the 100 bottLes you promised your guests?
(don't worry, i won't turn this into 21 Q?s)

two bottles of champagne alone fOr OYi,
& that was it!!

tell me i'm wrong,
but isn't a bOttle N2,000 @ itEm 7?

what happened?
things didn't go according to plan?

Let me guess,
you were to impress him with the drinks,
show hiM you're capable...

then he'd continue
(MOre like paRt fundiNg)

but fRankly,
i think h\E wasN't exactly impresseD with the cHeap aSs 'Andre"
MOet could have worked better for you!

Don't you think??

i know there are plenty fiShes in the riVEr,
but you couldn't have sent him mOre than three (3)!

should i help you with the cOst analysis of your parry,
don't think i can't

thE scoop i gOt was well detailed,
didn't know wE now have gosSip in 3D!

(wE girls are good @ what we do)

not only did your guests not get anything close to the 100 bottles,
some didn't get any at all

were thOse bum shorts Or GRanNY PaNts?

the hOuse cOat...tell me i lost tRack of the trENd,
& dAts whaT iS in vOgue naw!!

wHat's with finE gIrls & uGlY bOYs?
(been meaning to ask you that question!...something tells me you'd have the right answers)

what was that jersey for?

just another way to show you're dating the auditor general's son....Lol

the one that couldn't even buy you fish,
even after you cried out for it & made so many side comments to that effect

who was the side kick on pink T.Mz?

Lets assume you were having sober reflections,
cos i understand you had nothing to drink all through!
& kept mute all the time

nOne of the girls fascinatEd yOu?

not even the rotund kiki?/

i have it under reliable authOrity that she likes/(d) you,
(call it like @ first sight)

sO if you're interEsted,
take it i'm now playing HitCh!

i guess yoU must have realised you bailed on some of your guest,
heard some of them had tO turn back!!

sO much for 100 bOttles...

i suggEst neXt time,
yOu put your mouth where your money is!
(that's how the saying gOes, right?)



Ify Nkato said...

Tattler, dat's one hell of a scoop.

I'll take dese no-good girls one by one.

Don't tell me u also noticed massive kiki eyeing d bobo?
she looked lyk a sumo wrestler. Ohakim better ban her from eating. Well, I guess she's seeing so much free food dat she wants to save up for wen she goes back home. Lol

Tattler are u implying dat our dear maddox didn't play any financial role in d party? Lmao
Maybe Ohakim has not yet paid imsu salaries, where do you expect him to get the moni from? Lol
Anyways... Ginika is d moni has no business being broke, O.towners know U've gt diverse sources.
I'll make a short list in chronological order.
Ur share of D ransom,
DJ's share of d ransom,
More Ahia,
Imo state allocation- via ur old boy,
Some Pimpin of ur palz,
exclusive/exotic Ahia wit alhajis & threesomes,
Finally... Maddox.
though we are not sure if he's a SOURCE or a DRAIN.
My dear, u shud've spent the moni, look @ it as a way of giving back to d society dat some ruthless politicians robbed.
even the iheme boyz do it every once in a while. Lol

BIOLOGY... said...

MAKE UNA RELEASE DJ oo...if DJ is a kidnapper kachi too shld be a kidnapper as well, so she shld equally have her stinking pussy in jail as well..which pattern.

Uzunwa said...

Who dey talk about maddox? The homo had an agreement with Kachi to date officially & each persn can go Fuck whoever they want. Kachi can do from the iheme boys to their alleged ahia mother, from's political class to Abuja's alhajis and maddox will not even feel slighted.
Na dem sabi shaa.

s.a.n said...

OWERRI PPLE EH...U KNOW THEY SAY ''EVIL THAT MEN DO LIVES WID THEM AND EVEN AFTER THEM..ur mouths are making u guys swimm in poverty,dats y goodluck dnt follow u pple but its quite unfortunate..every single article has somtn about the IHEMES,Y cant u guys live this enviable entity alone for cryn out loud,the more u guys insult them,the more they prosper and flourish and flourish,cant u see that ur jealous comments can ''NEVER'' bring them down?ur comments are just in the hierrachy of stupidity.THEIR MUM IS A ''JUSTICE lisen oo..JUSTICE OF THE COURT OF APPEAL,cmon.any of u sayn bad things bout them wld surely die in poverty n have ur future wives branded as a full blown prostitute.

Anonymous said...

seriously y'all that r insulting dem,is that all u gat????

Anonymous said...

@egondu no matter how fake u are..ur own mother before God and man wld meet her untimely death very soon..if u can insult someone's mother this way then u shldnt be mothered...u own mother wld die and nt be alive to even be called an ahia..this wickedness is gettn outta hand...whats all this akpo frm pple over the iheme's self..anonymous or not u can never hide ur identity frm God..he'll punish u by sniffing life out of ur own mum..

Anonymous said...

good i support very well..whoever u are egondu..if u have a mother death wld catch up wiv her..if shes dead her soul wld never rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

U guyz are fools, just hav fun & don't take it personal.

Anonymous said...

God strike u to death...u shld have fun when someone's mum is being talked about for no reason thats ur own way of personality right?bor-fool

Lmao said...

It is buffoon...

Anonymous said...

y re u feelin bad dat pple re talkin bout ur mum.gud 4 u

Anonymous said...

i even hrd she was trippin for jide iwuanyanwu,buh d guy no evn send am one bit!lmao...nwayz,d guy is madly inlove wiv d most beautiful n quiet gurl o twn can eva produce!

Anonymous said...

this is maaaaaaad talk.... hahaha

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