Sunday, March 7, 2010

-->> cOnvoCatioN <<--

now this is what i'd love to call an article
not just any post

its cOnvoCation in Futo

i'd start with the newly renovated 'Hall of Mercy'

the stage's been tiled,
air conditioning sets have been installed
(standing tall or resting on the wall...your pick)

office-like window blinds!
sliding windows

i know... the smart ones are already thinking thoughts!

for tattler to be describing ever so vividly,
means he/she's been around hall of mercy recently!

couldn't have been the actual ceremony,
it should be Living word Campus Fellowship

yeah...sUe me!
i was there...infact, always have been!

only wished there'd have been some miracle

& we'd have enjoyed the cool atmosphere,
while the word of God infuses into our heads @ astonishing speed and clarity!!

but no,
we could hardly have the mics on

Nneoma (gEologY 300L),
you looked really nice in that gown
(turning out to be a really fine one, whatever your doing, it working!!)

you sure shouldn't have missed out on the "GentleMen's MEeting"
you were dressed to attend!

always knew you had a thingy for broWn
nice outfit!!

plus where have you been??
still a student?

ever present at parties...wouldn't have tagged you for a regular @ cHurch too!!

what in designer's name...Lol, did you tie on your hair?

did you loose some weight?
any particular reason??

i've gotten carried away as usual

was meant to be talking about convocation!

musKi & maKA,
it's really cute you guys allowed your mamas over

most guys are ashamed,
or rather,
embarrassed when she comes and brings the whole kitchen

they'd prefer to do it in bars,
than with the parents!

just like i hear T-blast did with his convoc party @ vandoz!!
(why wouldn't he?...isn't he the best graduating student from Petroleum Engineering?)

impressive guestlist i must say!

the infamous Nono & Chingy!

Nneoma (gEology 300L) also present,
i'm guessing Jessica too!, but....

Ifunnanya (civil 400L)
thought you didn't party?

Dialla Sonata,
was it school run today?

heard it was red wine all the way,
beEr was some sort of segregation!

what business did you have on the convocation ground?
even in the scorching sun you still wanted to portray yourself in a different light!
(we know better)

back in umuchima,
it was madness all the way

a lil tussle here and there at pioneer,
one over the crate of beer and bottle of red wine igwe gave some folks!

Eissman had series of activities,
that night didn't seem a barrier!!

i'd keep updating,
as the events unfold in my head!!

i loved those shorts!
really sexy,
but rumour has it you aren't really a student here
(you know the worst kind of deceit?....sElf dEceit!!)



Anonymous said...

Who eva is pulln up dis s*** i say big upz 2 y'all aight. I luv dis s**! Dis is some real f*** big tin gossip.

Young Izzy said...

For once am lovin dis site n dis post in particular...Nice one tattler!

Anonymous said...

u took my advice tattler.....

Young Izzy said...

@ least peeps seem to hav left people lyk nono ohanuzue, ginika udeagu, Madox, nwatu, jackie, chinny, chinenye owums, d Dr.lesbian, Chiaka, Ihemes & bombay's nono alone.
kip up d gud work peeps!
kip it up t@tlar

jackie said...

dis is wat i call gossip nt dose untrue,beef-full s*** u put up

Anonymous said...


o.tattler said...

where's the picture...are you serious?

BIOLOGY... said...

hahhahahahhahah i know its kema ohale sayn this..dat short bastard who has H.I.V..a reliable source has it that shes in lagos in search of her daily bread wid chairmen...bloody pig.

The Godfather said...

So dis jackie still has d guts to write her name on this blog or in public for that matter.
Are we supposed to inform you to be ashamed of yourself you shameless dick rack.
Can't you see others changed their names. eg: chinny john lawrence.
I pity d guy dat still has to bear your stench.
Comon Gbawaa door

Anonymous said...

jackie kema ezinne miss ur gist

Anonymous said...

jackie kema ezinne miss ur gist

Anonymous said...

jackie kema ezinne miss ur gist

Anonymous said...

jackie tnk u 4 remindin us dat u still r ur friends kema nd ezinne?i need mr gist on those pple..anybody wit juicy gist spil it

Anonymous said...

jackie tnk u 4 remindin us dat u still r ur friends kema nd ezinne?i need mr gist on those pple..anybody wit juicy gist spil it

Anonymous said...

lol..u guyz are krazy

Anonymous said...

why didnt you talk about Gee Money or didnt you just notice him

Anonymous said...

He came in with a chic on blue to the ladies nite wearing a black hat,bow tie and just looking so tushed

nnamdi eheme said...

am i swagger boy..cant u c d way am finishin kema

nnamdi eheme said...

u people r not ashamed...i feed and drink all otown boy..unna no 1 hammer...u no c say small boys way 1 big d come buy drink and things 4 me(skillo)

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