Wednesday, March 17, 2010

* SEgrEGatiOn *

i've had it uP to here
(wish you could see how very hiGH up that is)

this anonymous crap is getting outta hand,

didn't know we had as much wimps,
as we did street wAlkers...

you've seen Deeznuts
(my good friend)

ck ice,
always liked his ingenuousness!

there's Uju Nwauwa,
all the way from ukraine

they are all members of this blog
& would be taken serious anytime they've got anything to say

jOining isn't roCket science,
plus we'd know who is talking @ all time (even if it's a fake name)

mY catch to this,
i'm about restricting comments to just members of this blog
& maybe, just maybe google account owners

take it as me,
trying to seperate the wheat from the chaff

Lemme know you all think,
i'd get my answers from this post's comments

i almost stopped the anonymous comments abruptly earlier on this afternoon,
but i guessed a pRior notice would be in order!



The impersonator said...

Don't be a fun killer, a spoil sport, a wet blanket.
U'll kill fun in it...

Anonymous said...

We know one person...the impersonator

maybe others would emerge

this is me tattler,
i'm trying out the anonymous ish

o.tattler said...

like now,
i'm writing as me & you're sure it tattler

cos i'm using my id!

Anonymous said...

@ O. Tattler, you can't restrict this site to just members, I mean think about it....... This site is very popular cos ppl feel they can come hear and air their views anonymously....So don't ruin the fun.... Pretty

annie said...

mehn i've heard a lot about dais site n now dat am about 2 join u wana kut d flow. plz dont b a kill joy.

otu nne gi said said...

08064014697 pls anybody who want 2 get dis tattler should be dialling this number on any fone whether urs of theirs. U will get a link 2 dat fool called tattler. Blog administrator pls don't delete this comment as usuall. Oke ohia.akpa amu.azu mmiri.skallywad.

Updates & Game Tracker said...

@ otu nne gi: you don't need to be as dumb as u sound, it shows u know. U could always shove those digits up ur posterior.
As for tattler. Being ur being learned in the internet thingy doesn't mean others are that way. To them it might as well be rocket science. Keep it up. I'm impressed.

Anonymous said...

Thank God I didn't grow in Owerri, it's bad enuff i'm schoolin here (and can't wait to b out)

No offence buh i feel rily bad for u guys, y'all rily need to move out and see what's happening in the real world..

Everyone's sweepin and throwin into the trash and u guys derive pleasure in digging them out and eatin them..

Tat, u sound intelligent so i gues u shud have heard of constructive gossip..

I live in FTT and i'd neva say a negative word about my town, not 'cos dere ain't bad things but cos we know it's nasty and belittling to wash our dirty linen for all to see..

Long story short, use what you have to portray d gud things hapenin around u..

Def. people are bound to say crazy thinz abt ur hood buh it's left for u to rep. ur hood.. U don't hate on ur own hood, it just isn't done..

Ur sure old enuf to meddle into oda peoples affairs so i don't think u need that much of a lecture..

Hey Deez, i'm luvin ur gud use of english.. and i'm stil ur biggest fan..

Mmwah, barbie...

Anonymous said...



o.tattler said...

a female who's got her head in the right places....iLike

want to hear more

Anonymous said...

hiss..u know ur blog will b boring without us

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