Sunday, March 7, 2010

-> eXcellEncE <-

call me an evangelist,
ask me what the hell i'm talking about,
i really don't care.

stumbled on this gospel jotting,
i had earlier planned on posting it on facebook

but i kind of forgot
(my bad!, but they say all things worketh together for good for those who truly love him...yeah?)

i'm now open to a bigger audIEnce!!!
hence more ppl can read it!!

i'm talking about striving for excellence in everything,
& christ alike

Christians --->>> Christ - Like
(as HE is, so we are... or rather that was the original plan)

we all claim we're christians right?
& some even dare say they're good christian

Q: what's the difference between when you were in the world & now you're in christ??
i thinks this is a food for thoughts....enjoy relishing it!

Let me just go ahead & relay a message i once received about excellence, an excellent person & all it entails

Excellence: to go the extra mile, to out-do yourself, can't be improved upon!

it will definately cost you more, it doesn't manage anything!


* doesn't cut corners
(you know what they say about the road that seemeth right/faster unto a man...& its end's destruction?)

*doesn't fornicate
(i know its hard but He really doesn't like it)

*says what he means & means what he says
(you should be able to give your word & honor it...HIS word's unflinching)

*has self control
(having a strong will power against most things is always a plus)

*keeps re-inventing himself
(the path to excellence is a continuous one expects you to do it all @ once)

*has boundaries a.k.a principles

*doesn't do what he feels, does what is right!!

*knows the 'buts' in his life and strives to remove them

one of the reasons for opening this blog
was to somehow get people to act right

when you know you're doing something wrong
& in the full glare of the public

yOu sure would act right

i just defined being excellent as regards christians

so iTS you & yOur cOnscience now
to some reasonably extent you know what's right

do you ever take a mental stock of your life?
sober reflections also help



Anonymous said...

*doesn't do what he fills, does what is right!!

feels not fills ,and you're is not the same thing as your..

Anonymous said...

by the way who put you in a place to preach,you have a blog that clearly goes against the word of God..i believe the 8th commandments says YOU SHALL NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESSS.... has u've sed on this ur blog been true????

Psalm 1:1
Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers;..look up the word scoffer???
otattler u r in no place to preach the word of God,or to even quote the bible and simply because i read your blog i might even be in the same category as you,search yourself,read your bible tell me if you will see any place that says it is ok for a person to lash out other people so violently and lure some others into doing the same thing...i pray for you.

Anonymous said...

cant see how d blog goes against d word of god.......d prob lies on d comments made by ppl which r most times mean n wicked......but apart from dat,d tattler jst calls a spade a spade. thumbs up tattler but please always try to post d truth n nothing but d truth so as not to damage d good reputation of one for no just cause.

Anonymous said...


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