Monday, June 14, 2010


you dint have to go all the way to ugwuta so i dont talk!

should have realised by naw dat i would,
hapi belated birthday anyways!

Nnamo really did rock your world,
you honestly didn't think i had the slightest idea?

i'd watch you thread the same paths many have indulged in
...& i'd be here when its over and done with

Ifeanyi Ekeh,
wat are you doing holed up in lagos

you had everyone believe ur abroad,
don't you know these lies hav a way of springing up?

i'm asking alot of questions,
i've lost my zeal

its same old...same old,
i didn't get otowners to act right
...just got them to do the same bad things with the utmost discretion

aren't you all tired of talking about the Iheme's?
aint their fault they're accustomed to silver

or that every owr gal's a potential ashy,
depending on d definitive parameters!

dont go attacking me just yet,
make sure you understand wat exactly was said first ochije,
need not explain wat went down!
fura's mad already!

some anonymous dude suggested i show myself,
wont want anyone to make minced meat of me
....till i'm sure you all hav learnt to handly the ugly truths i dish out