Saturday, March 20, 2010

-->> Lady's dinner niGht tOnight <<--

it Living Word campus Fellowship's Ladies Dinner Night tOnight!
Jives Exclusive Home


V.i.P'z N1000.00
regUlar'z N500.00

you get the chance to carve out your own niche!

Living wOrd has got most of futO's finest the guys sure won't want to miss this one


DEEZNUTS said...

V.I.P. = N1,000
Regular = N500

Damn, the people in Regular must feel like shit. Lmao!

#3 said...

Loooooool @ Deeznuts,
They'll feel like regular shit.
I'd rather skip d whole thing than buy a 'regular' ticket.

linda said...

Lol @ deeznuts. We have missed u on this blog. Where have u been. Please dont leave us hanging again cuz to some of us ur comments are part of the reason we come here.

AdaEze said...

very dry dinner joh. Tattler if I catch u eh. waddup deez

AdaEze said...

very dry dinner joh. tattler ur gettin dry. Waddup deez

Anonymous said...

Someone should tell me more about Ann Tochi, Heard a little about her in college... I kinda bla bla bla. Lol!!!! it does not matter.

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