Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ohakim 2011 (My 2Cents)

It normal for just about anyone to vie for a political office, but it isn't just every one that can function in the service of the people.

Make no mistake either
Rome wasn't built in a day and a palm wine tapper doesn't just leap to the top of the tree, life is a gradual process just as good governance is.

The intent to do good, or function appropriately is always a good sign for a start and we've seen the much our incumbent governor Ohakim has done already.

People are generally ignorant except for those who go out of their way to change the status quo. We most times prefer condemnation before even a chance of redemption is given.

We follow false tales and slandering nails as quickly as bees with a stolen honey pot.

Go have a look at and even the lay men would be put in the know, as to the much our governor has done so far. Its normal if we aren't conversant with the progress of things or just how effective.

Let's try and reason with ourselves, and work our way back to stability with little steps of logic

This is not the first time we have been made outrageous promises and had our expectations raised high. Free Education no matter how feasible, is going to be hard to actualize in our present day Nigeria with her fast growing population.

Prof. (Mrs.) Viola Onwuliri, a trail blazer in her own right and running mate to Governor Ohakim, is from a well known & respected family background, both from her marriage and birth side.

Vibes around town are that Gov. Ohakim picked that one candidate with the capacity, goodwill, credibility to strengthen his acceptability and chances of securing his re-election bid.

Nonetheless, we shouldn't overlook the fact in as much as it might seem like a selfish ploy, she is the right decision for the people of Owerri and none other would suffice.

As an academician, who better to relate to our cries for the Educational Sector reforms in our dear state?

Who better to be our advocate, when it seems conscience has been thrown to the wind?
Just like with the case of the brutality doled @Mr Iwuoha's Activism*

Just like a wife is to complement her husband in the marriage institution, leading to the overall progress and sustainability of that institution, let's give this joint ticket with a difference, the chance to bring Ndi Imo the much needed change we have been clamouring for.

Dredging of the Imo river is difference enough, its innovation that should be embraced with both hands. Opening Imo State directly to the rest of the highly commercialized water ways*

Join hands, Let's Do More*
We, collectively as one, have the power to wield change, not some Electoral Process or mouth watering promises

Monday, February 28, 2011

Richie's Niche

Ok RichmOnd,
I loved the whole idea of folks coming wit their own drinks & all (Otown boozE heads),
This is the kinda innovation I embrace, biG uPs & many more fruitful years ahead.

That's how a niche is carved out, in stone, in wood, in Life* #Don'tDuLL

Just one (s)table stood out,
like a white stallion in the midst of asses*
bOttLes of whiskey & scotch, upping it a notch with rOsE***

Beggars don't ride white stallions,
so the elites who rode @ this stable were evidently different from the Lot

Gfs and acquaintances were left @ home,
Those without BBs & dint get the broadcast, were left out too**

Dane guns were shot,
& the tame were absent in lots
It was good to see peeps wild & somewhat out of control*

If you know futo you'd know it ain't the norm & worth mentioning,
just like Jennifer & her midnight face cap are worth mentioning too*
(By the Oak tree all night)

Does it have to do with that celeb thingy, not making eye contact with fans?? Or is it just as glaring??... something wrong with the hair??

+ why do I get the feeling bathroom slippers are now in vogue?
A lot of daring folks but Emeka, your monologue is unique to you and your room mate (Cj) with waist like a bearing (Lol)

There's nothing I hate more than the shorts up ur supposedly sexy gown**
Its just appalling, looking like a zebra & all

I'm not gonna name names,
since we all were @ a parry to have fun*
BUt Ella, you've got legs to die for...good thing I still got life in me (Lol)

There was George the brigadier of guards, who was seen all through protecting his interest, lest history repeats itself (To Whom it may concern)

Iheoma, nice gOwn*
Where were you hiding all that sexiness prior??

Cherechi, really wat was that?
Joan rivers would have a bitch fit if she spotted you in those... who does that???didn't know it was #RagDay all over again cc @(chukwu)nonye who thought it was a slumber party, or was it? I could have sworn that was granny's gown


Sunday, February 13, 2011

happy VaL7_ dAy

Living without Love,
is like walking alone through life, in the scorching sun with no one to make the journey any less painful

so its understandable,
downright admissible the lengths we get to,
or the Lies we peddle, to self & otherwise

just to keep that feeling burning within,
the same one, that momentariLy makes everything ok, or @least seem so*

The significance of Saint VaLentine's Day border on two things,
*#Love & Affection#*

The magnitude and dimensions in which the two are put in play, are totally dependent on the individual

It could be a grand dinner @ the hilton,
Or painstakingLy nice table cloth & a home cooked meaL with love

It could be the norm, or a slight deviation from it, time out with usual friends;
Or a day with total strangers,
the motherless & in need of some love

Or pOpcoRn & two movies,
the couch, the plasma (or 15") & the Mrs.

Its the intent & fulfillment that really matter,
you need not incure nothing, rather conjure the love within...say it, show it & try to outLive it *wink*

but then again I guess we don't have lots of WaJE's in otown,besides wetin concern Ala Ngwori with Mission Impossible?
JOoR oOoO!!! Lol

I won't exactly call the Sunflower a rare flower,
but useful is more like it.
It's an annual flower native to the Americas, but her seeds were exported to Europe in the 16th Century

I dare liken a woman to a Sunflower,
it might seem crazy but I do have a point (Lol)

Her stems contain a fibre that can be used in paper production, sunflower oil is a widespread cooking ingredient & her leaves are widely accepted by the cattle as feed.

she workable & supportive,
while you drive on a two way street
unlike the Rose,

Who is beautiful at first but soon withers when & if Money hits the dooR and maintenance is the highest hurdle (##)

Ambiguous as you are, it aint no Biggie,
you don't leave your sUnfLoweR for frivolities, such as pretty Lips (Uchechi) & a number of the things that should matter the least.

know it is the norm to be the Light unto her paths, her torch (nOnso) in utter Darkness, but the flip side has its upsides although we might choose to be myopic about it *wink*
let Linny be boLd & stiLL beAutifuL,

it aint all about curves,
don't you hear all these clamour for women empowerment....Lol (#GoFiguRe)

you might be fierce (Diane) and all,
its one roll of the Dice, on the other hand two rocks of ice (Cj)... twice as nice!!
things are not always what they seem, Cream or sugar?!

Happy Vals Day Owr

2 B ContinueD, testing the waters

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

hApi nEw yeAr***

I'm really sorry it took me so long
to wish y'all a Happy Newyear,

Without my saying it,
I'm sure everyone already envisages a good year ahead*
I feel it too, & know without a doubt that it would be

It feels good to be back,
Pls easy on d verbal attacks

Otown's bubbLing,
Swear down

Thr are radiantly glowing skins,
with brilliantly looking shades*

elegantly dressed peeps,
With Gallant steps*

Everyone is a sight to behold,
Leaving stories of the strike untoLd and just the hols & all in fold

I've missed my town,
& I'm sure y'all have missed my buzz**

TheRe are nEw spOts too,
'OranGe roOm' is tOpping my cHaRts (if its worth anything)

yOu get to chiLL out,
WhiLe u pLay scRabbLe with gUd music bLasting rather softLy througH the sPeaKeRs*
Its a mUst touCh I'd say***

I'm stiLL intO advertS,
It'd be guD to see someone 21st CeNTuRy enough to utiLize this*

S/O to my gossip bLogger wanna be,
I won't name names so as not to accrue unnecessary attention for the GOssiP-Digger*

New courses have been added to the curriculum in FUTO,
French & iGBo have been added in place of Engineering Drawing for year oneZ*
(Not my biz just helpn some ppL point that out)

I'd have really loved my first post of the year to be a blast, but I hope past gLories heLp me saiL smoothLy**