Wednesday, January 19, 2011

hApi nEw yeAr***

I'm really sorry it took me so long
to wish y'all a Happy Newyear,

Without my saying it,
I'm sure everyone already envisages a good year ahead*
I feel it too, & know without a doubt that it would be

It feels good to be back,
Pls easy on d verbal attacks

Otown's bubbLing,
Swear down

Thr are radiantly glowing skins,
with brilliantly looking shades*

elegantly dressed peeps,
With Gallant steps*

Everyone is a sight to behold,
Leaving stories of the strike untoLd and just the hols & all in fold

I've missed my town,
& I'm sure y'all have missed my buzz**

TheRe are nEw spOts too,
'OranGe roOm' is tOpping my cHaRts (if its worth anything)

yOu get to chiLL out,
WhiLe u pLay scRabbLe with gUd music bLasting rather softLy througH the sPeaKeRs*
Its a mUst touCh I'd say***

I'm stiLL intO advertS,
It'd be guD to see someone 21st CeNTuRy enough to utiLize this*

S/O to my gossip bLogger wanna be,
I won't name names so as not to accrue unnecessary attention for the GOssiP-Digger*

New courses have been added to the curriculum in FUTO,
French & iGBo have been added in place of Engineering Drawing for year oneZ*
(Not my biz just helpn some ppL point that out)

I'd have really loved my first post of the year to be a blast, but I hope past gLories heLp me saiL smoothLy**