Friday, January 29, 2010

photo comments

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Whats up with O-Twinny?

this is gossip girl or boy (not quite sure these days....Lol) reporting live from owr

bringing you the town's gist hot n spicy (i know i haven't been doing a good job @ that lately, but you would still stand by me right?)

i'm a bit confused on this one,
so if you've got clues, feel free to help me out here

Fine chic
(no doubt!!)

On the big side
(still no doubt, but she somehow manages to keep very little curves, which i believe @ the rate she is going should be long gone before long)

i'm very sure she was in Imsu,
so i wonder how a person drops out just like that

there has to be a reason for a rash decision of that capacity,
i hope its a tangible one

then again,
i heard, i saw her write Futo's Post Ume!!
its not rocket science to get into futo, so i wonder why its taking so long to get enrolled there

instead she's constantly seen parading the streets of otown, Day & Night (all seasons can't be an exception)

with no educational obligations whatsoever.

wonder what she told her folks to get a free pass like that!!
i would love to hear it

i thought you posted something on facebook about being abroad and needing someone's number in another country because you wanted to inquire about schooling conditions there??

you even dropped a foreign number as yours,
so you would understand why i was shocked to see you back in otown?

i was thinking maybe you just haven't had enough of the town,
but then i might be wrong

so for what its worth,
clarify this claims or help me throw more light on what exactly i'm not getting

& i promise i would do whatever you want done as regards this post!!

you're the first i'm giving a way out,
Lets see if you use it


Wednesday, January 27, 2010


i know, i've been quiet for a while now

nothing seems to interest anyone around here,

the closest thing to giving people that 'much needed' jOLt was

Iheoma Ogbonna's birthday bash@ Ugwuta Lake/ kinky's bar, Ikenegbu!

if you're conversant with futo's terrains,
you should know this one

400L Pmt
a damsel no doubt,

(taller than hIm too,
no doubt..Lol)

but you wont know much about her if you aren't a member of her inner circles

the world still has romantic boyfriends

(so if your's isn't living up to expectations,
give him a few examples of those who do!!)

Ejiogu Phillip, is one
(now graduate, futo; one time D.O.s EEE) threw his gf this exquisite (by futo's standards) party!

a surprise one too,
just like in the movies

she was seen brandishing him, as usual

but wait, who won't?
especially when he's got a car!!

that's practically every girl's dream in owr

(so if you've got a nice car & presently hooked, this might just be your last bus_stop, if you dont implore 22 century tactics...Lol!)

the guest list was impressive

we had less of the random faces,
& more of the creme

(dont get my definition of creme wrong though, but lets let things slide on this one)

there was Okereke Muski

(he never misses any parties, he's one person i know that's practically inter-connected with everyone in futo somehow; you could do a survey on
*who doesn't muski know in futo*
---->> is it the king's college connections, or his department's? church? Attends more than 1!! Umuchima's too!

before she realises the hard way that futo isn't a bed of roses unlike the picture being portrayed by her friends, final years students in Le Meridien Ext. wasn't always this easy for them, its a process!!
they are over and done with!!

their *leaving*, though it seems to tarry, is also a process & will definately come to pass)

Phillip's Entourage
(no need naming names, contrary to what you people may think i'm not that jobless..Lol)

a few people from her department, Munachi Ekpo & Co.

Ebene Godwin,
Junior (man o war wannabee)

a host of madonna girls
(i think they're now imported easily, maybe a leasing firm or something)

our very own Miss. Heartland,

the almost albino'ish one!!
'07 or '08, i'm not quite sure.....didn't notice her while she supposedly reigned

that's about it!!

Imsu has started exams,
mostly down-school courses have been written

but still everyone has gotten into the exam mood,

so you dont expect to hear anything too serious from them

except for those that it's a way of life for them,

& talking about it would be likened to flogging an already dead horse

can i leave @ this point?

your criticisms have been most welcome,

& i would trY to look into everything, to learn from my mistakes

your judicious comments,
...consistent too!!

i'm giving this one out to you,

you're almost gaining more popularity
than myself

bIG uPS*
thanks for keeping up the heat there for me while i hibernated


Monday, January 18, 2010

a wOrd & thE wiSe

pEople have been speculating on my blog,
about who has aids and who doesn't

i'd tell you this though,
those claims aren't far-fEtched!!!

take a trip to IMSUTH Orlu,
and you'd know 'jUst' exactly what i mean

you'd be taken aback by the bevy of people
trooping in for their antiretroviral drugs

The treatment consists of drugs
that have to be taken evEry day for the rest of a person’s life.

The aim of antiretroviral treatment is to keep the amount of HIV
in the body at a low level.

This stops any weakening of the immune system
& allows it to recover from any damage that HIV might have caused already.

its not just the bevy that is the problem

its the known faces,
regular faces in otOwn!!!

contrary to what people might think,
i do have a conscience!
(or some people might say i just grew a pair)

so i'm not naming names,
but trust me when i say i saw some of our usual faces.

my point ab initio?

bE a little more careful,
don't let yourself bask too much in the euphoria of getting laid,
& forget to use a CONDOM!!!

for the guys,
learn to put more foreplay into your 'love making' or straff
(depending on what plan you're on...Lol)

the chances of your condom bursting are slimmer
(i'm sure you never would have guessed foreplay was directly proportional to a longer, healthier life...Lol)

most of these people are bitter,
or might be on a revenge streak
so beWare

to be foRe wArnED,
is to be forE ARmeD!!!


Sunday, January 17, 2010


i know,
you thought this blog had died a natural death huh??
well, think again!!!

"the tattler almost lost its anonymity, so that break was needed" lol
(believe that, then you would believe anything)

So,guess whose turn it is this time???

T and C.

i mean,
Petite T with an ugly tatoo @ the weirdest of spots,

nothing extraordinary about her looks
facially i mean),

but she's got this sexy touch to her stature
(at least, that's what they say, not me)

and her not-so-attractive (putting it mildly) bf, C.

Both are regular faces in friendship homes.

i visited the short-lived 'fake' tattler blog (lol)
and she even had something to say about the couple.

i couldn't help but keep them under close surveillance,
& i can't help but say that i was disappointed!

Theirs is what i choose to call "Teenage love affair"
(in the literal sense of it)

a pair of kids who have refused to grow up.

or is it high school movies that wont let them grow?
(just wondering)

Our dear T has difficulties dressing appropriately,
while our very own C has a problem keeping his mouth shut!

i'm yet to confirm if its the issue of an empty vessel. . .lol
(although, i'm convinced it is)

need i say that it was a boring watch for me???
nothing spicy. . .at least not yet!

so,how on Earth did that 'fake tattler' come up with stuff on the chic?

something about her owning a
Na beans??

putting up this post is a sure way of boosting their reputation.


T, have you not heard that it's not so much what you wear but how (and when) you wear it?

What's with the stilettos and 'big ass' bags just for casual outings??

or is there some form of 'business' we don't know about?

C, have you finally chosen a career for yourself?
(i'm concerned, can't help but...)


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

pHOto cOmMEnTs

let's just call this the post for photo comments
about the picture i promised earlier & you guys voted for

so let's hear what you think!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

my last resort!...facebook never fails me

call me jobless,
but that is what the dullness around has caused

otown's borING!!!
its not that people aren't back to school or something

some folks have been seen trotting into F.U.T.O

their imsu counterparts have long done the same
and aren't planning on leaving even with the impending strike

& i dare not say folks are being conscious about public misdeeds,
so as to avoid the public's scrutiny when mentioned on my blog

so WhAT's iT???

my last resort!...facebook never fails me

i wonder why trace D'lace tagged 'just' our very own izzy
in a note about two dwarfs & prostitutes!
(should this mean something?)

it has also come to my notice that he's one of the 'thank you for the add' boys
Livia Rosenkranz (a white girl) got her own fair share, except it had a 'dear' as its suffix

lets leave izzy before he sends the D.S.P after me...Lol

what's with Munachi Ekwem?

her profile picture,
shows her in one of the hotel rooms of one of otown's many

has she gotten so used to visiting hotels,
she now claims its her hostel room?

rumour has it she serves it on a platter of gold,
just for the fun of it.

the facebook experience was thrilling
plus now i know,
that all i need info wise on any party going down in owr,
is cherechi (Damn, she even knew about the camou party & what it represents)

i'm signing out

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Polls & Pics

i just added a new gadget to this blog!

you now get to vote on different things ranging from
stories you want to hear next, to gossip of the week! and stuffs like that

interesting huh??

thats not all.
some of my fans have been clamouring for pics
so i have added just one. . .for now.

more will come as time goes on.

look out for a new poll and pic each time you visit the blog

. . . keep reading!
O.t@tler's @ your service.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

O-Town's got a Female Bouncer!!!

did you think you would escape the wrath of o-tattler?
think again!! lol

o-tattler isn't here just to bring you this lil town's gossips,
i have been able to arrange them in an order
only the the tattler can understand.

it happens to be HER turn!!!

this o-town regular face
isn't one of those in our dear o-town
just here for academic purposes and the likes,
she happens to be a 'landlady'!!!

a member of the Royal family of Owerri
or atleast her last name and idiosyncrasies (the promiscuity and all) suggest that,

she is a perfect definition of "Ada Owerri".
trust me, even if you don't know her name,you know the face.

where is she seen???

anywhere and everywhere in town ranging from club houses and hotels
to open bars and parties.

if not for the cash involved, she would have been a registered member of 'all season's club'! lol

i think she should be awarded the membership card for her relentless attendance.

her physique suggests the 'chairman type'
you know what catches their eyes @ first glance

but the onus is on her and my dear readers to confirm that.

she belongs to this particular female group in town,
whose names will only come up when the time is right.

o-t@tler has been watching this heavy chic for a while and it has come to my notice that
she never leaves the town.
not even during the holidays!

come to think of it, wouldn't she be a perfect reporter for this blog of mine? lol
was thinking of recruiting but that would spoil my anonymity...Lol!


Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year (lets do things right)

its a new year
& i'm trying to do everything right just like everyone else

i know we all have resolutions,

personally i dont
because i'm happy with most of the things i did last year,
so i think i'd continue

previous comments on this blog have been vulgar, libelous & i've been thinking of a way to nip them in the bud

but then, i realised, there is something like freedom of speech.

So while i personally condemn any crazy comment being posted as replies to any of my tattles, i will not censor any of them. I just do hope we are man enough to take responsibility for what we post. Don't hide behind anonymity and then post crap. If you think you have authentic information you'd like to share, get a username, so you can be taken seriously.

ot@tler shouldn't be an avenue for settling scores, by openly attacking people who have wronged us or otherwise on the world wide web

instead, we should pave the way forward to problems or situations with our comments

this is what i came up with

all older slanderous comments will or have been deleted. It's a clean slate people, just like the new year brings.

i reserve the rights to review & certify comments, credible enough to be displayed on our gossip blog, so i can still delete again with my smoking gun, hardy har har!

its ours,
you might not see it that way/

but its you out there that makes otattler what it is

hAPpy nEw yeAr from *o.t@tler*