Monday, July 12, 2010

venereal & post-venereal!

I'm back now! My great & unanticipated silence has left everyone flaunting a lil too much of the dirt they've got in them! Now I've got reason to tattle again!

More visits to Jonny Pharmacy and 'special' maternities around amakohia, you'd notice that this rain is acting as a dual catalyst! More babies are lost and more are about to be born all in the space of 8months +, to be very precise. Well u just got to the fuNny part of me.

Now let's do d counting!
Uzunma...(Clean and Green). Gonorrhea is really a bad disease to suffer from during this wet phase, where bacteria and fungi have better chances of survival. She hasn't gotten much of a problem, guys beware...go for a test with her if u doubt me, the Tattler!! Shu..shuuu...Shukpo...this one na combo bombo! The kind of itches you'd get from these two vendors would leave u devastated for long enough a time of your sexual life....Beware! Don't have facts, but that's what the public's screaming, you know they have a way of being right...not definite though!

Ezichi Sapphire...go easy on them postinors oh! Personally, o wu ghi che re ka m bia!, I know they leave an after effect of a slippery womb later on in life (& by slippery I mean, unpredictable! 50_50 chance of being able to conceive). I'm guessing you'd still want to have those cute lil sapphires, right?! A word's enough, don't know if you're wise.

Chinenye 'Konti' Nduka!
Your level of sexual infidelity amazes me, going mildly about everything I've heard, you could be in for some serious shocker not too long from now. Even under all dis rain ( a curse & blessing likewise to most), you hang around these pot-bellied men who are known to be serious carriers of one thing or the other. They possess either the 9months I.T placement letters or some death sentence, duly signed by the medical are Forewarned oh! Don't say I didn't say it, next time I could get the wives on your trail by naming names

MaDox, I'll let the whole O'town know your status I always say, it aint far-fetched knowing for certain your records! I'm sorry if you feel betrayed though, but I won't be so quick to judge, if I were you...might just be doing a good friend a favor. There's been a lot of rumour going around lately about your positively inclined status, and the louder their voices get...the more shallow discerning ppl will believe it.