Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"is writing now irrelevant?"

this is an essay i submitted to for enrollment in the Young Writers Network Creative Classes starting in Lagos in April innitiative from the future nigeria, look them up @

i feel this essay is a message otOwners need to see, feel free tO air yOur views and they'd be highly appreciated.


from where i sit and type this,
there's no relationship whatsoever between any form of writing and the word

(its been long i wrote any formal kind of writing, just my blog
so you'd forgive me if i don't really get the clear cut guidelines to writing
an essay
but you would still get my 300 words...words in the bracket are exempted)

depending on how clearly depicted the intentions of a writer are portrayed,
the message embedded within can be a force for positive change.

motivational books written by exceptionally good writers,
have been known to have a positive impact on its readers... i'm one

i would put writing right after visuals in the knowledge acquisition process,
if the sequence or its orders were left to me to determine

Writing encompasses a set of seminal skills that is universally identified
with professional success and distinction.

One seminal skill that writing encompasses is communication.

Even at sophisticated levels of literary art and philosophic inquiry,
communication between the writer and the reader is the most basic and the
most exalted consequence of writing.

it could be argued that verbal communication is a lot easier than its
lettered counterpart,
or some would even dare say they don't possess writing skills and
can't quite fathom its intricasies

i think an argument can be made,
that effective writing is actually as accessible a skill as effective speaking.

Plus our generation seems stunted to some extent,
in literary terms

don't get me wrong,

in our days that have been taken over by the advent of the internet
and consequently online social networks such as Facebook,

clear-cut verbiage not matter how concise has been over run by short
forms of writing and slangs

most find it hard or rather far-fetched expanding their diction,
thereby occasional lapses in communication or outright non participation,
depending on the audience.

Its demeaning to say most of our youth can't express themselves verbally,
but adoption or mere realization of the writing prowess would be an
obvious plus.


Anonymous said...

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Harry-Rami Itie said...

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Anonymous said...

tattler,who r yhu?iv had countless guesses on who yhu mite b bt d answer kips eluding me by each post.d lastest being this finely constructed n articulate essay.ur choice of words is very impressive i must say.diction superb,newayz nice work

#3 said...

Tattler, I must say that u strike me as a fine blend of ingenuity, intelligence & chivalry. I'm proud dat o'town has one like u.
we dey ur back kampe!

o.tattler said...

thanks #3!

atleast someone appreciates ingenuity

Anonymous said...

O.tattler, am thrilled at ur choice of words, infact ur English is hella gud :)

Anonymous said...

shudafuckup tattler..ur d same person as #3-ify numero trio,ryt?ur cover is will blow up soon

o.tattler said...

so i still have viewers all about me getting caught?

gRow up!
that should be in another life!

o.tattler said...

did yu expect to get the correct ans to your question?...Lol, but yu know i can't do that right?

Thanks all the same,
thinking of delving into new fields

bUt i guess gossip is still tOp priority

Anonymous said...

hello, you run an interesting blog i must say, i now see why my brother is on my case about your identity, (i am member of the panel that reviewed essays for the futurenigeria), well i had to check for myself, the question now is should i give him the name? would it pose any risk to you if your identity is proven? I think you should take up writing for more than just your blog, well just a thought.

o.tattler said...

naa, giving out my name would pose a potential risk to me!...although i doubt i gave my real name in that write-up i sent!

how do i take up other forms of writing?

won't mind some pointers

Anonymous said...

Other forms of writing? not other forms per se, .Right now you are writing for fun and that's the same thing you should keep up with , Susan Meyers author of the twilight, had been writing for fun prior to her first novel(twilight is her first novel and what a success story...)you could write for newspaper articles, magazines or just work on a novel i bet it wouldn't take a second rading for a publisher to give you the dotted lines for alll important scrawl,you can reach me on keep up your work here, let people off their high horses, and the occasional thumbs up when they are deserving of it

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