Tuesday, March 16, 2010

..-->> 10% <<--..

right naw,
your very own tattler is experiencing live 10%
(i mean giving you details on-the-go!)

& you all are lucky i can paint pictures as vividly as possible,
infact sometimes i feel i speak imagery

mid day,
on a school day

stilletos & all
blouse on

black glittery handBag
i'm thinking chanel

but then again that won't be the first time
rotobi by douglas boutiques would surprise me!

no need for those,\
cos they'd soon come off

i think the bags were there first to drop
next were thOse shoes

i said one touch game right?
i LIED!!

this guy is skillful
or so it seemed @ first

the blouse's going of!

oh i can see the bra,
it White!

nice racks
(considering one just popped out)

cOuld make a gurl think thrOugh swinging the other way!!

he has been @ the nipplEs for quite a while now,
i think we both have a thing in common

she has started to stutter,
sorry, more like mutter!

as his head kept going down south,
her ring tones got louder
(if you know what i mean)

he took off whatever was left of what she had on

& there,
she was in her bday suit!

within secs he was in THERE,
(in & know how these things go)

i'm thinking,
by my count...if i'm not mistaken

by thE 6th or 7th thrust,

there was a jerk
(that didn't last so long either...that's why its missing the '-ing')

it also came with lOud noises,
but all that came from her was a HISS!

he'd got her clamouring for a lot,
only to leave her inbetween
(a lil closer to whr she started, than to the end)

a story that was promised 45mins
ended somewhat abruptly @ 15!
(oh! no, that would be giving him too much, considering most of it was foreplay!)

he didn't mind
(he'd gotten a chance to let it all out)

as for your dear ol tattler,
atleast i got my 10%

had no biz watching the transition,
i was out of there, no traces!



Otu Nnegi said said...

mumu o-trash no more comments 4 u. Ewu

Anonymous said...

who are these pple? were they doing it in the car infront of the boutique in broad day light? be more specific otattler even though u dnt have to let the names out

Anonymous said...

Otattler ur very dry n fake here.

Anonymous said...

Nw u aint only a gossip, u a copy cat. Be original, get ur lines n not dem MI rhymes. Yack, U SuCK.

Anonymous said...

i swear....witty but DRY

pretty said...

gosh!!u suck,u re nt just a gossip but a jobless fool,wit d 10% fin

Anonymous said...

08064014697 2 all d people looking 4 tattler always dial dis number on any fone u see cos this is one of his followers number. blog administrator pls do not delete this post ewu mmmeeeeee. We must get u mumu.

o.tattler said...

i don't know that number

you guys crack me up!...Lmao!

Anonymous said...

giv us a hint of those involved.

o.tattler said...


Anonymous said...

U cnt b serious!!... Tel mi dis a jok...>>> i 4kn saw dat "Tvirus"

o.tattler said...


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