Saturday, March 20, 2010

zimu & som som's biRtHday bAsh

i know you'd have been wondering why i haven't mentioned your party yet!
no be una kill jesUs!...Lol

i've just been really busy!
(almost as bUsy as the bEes)

you gals really thrilled the crowd

Let me break it down

each table had a bottle of rEd lAbel,
a bOttle of Night train Xpress

rEd wine was ineXcEsS,
so no point counting how many were on the tAbles

the stOmach wasn't left out in their aGenda,
there was plenty ntanta to gO round

want the slightest inclination as to who i am?
-->> i spent an awful lot of time around that pOt,
munching awAy!...lOl

dOn't worry,
doN't want you all stressing your little minds

i know all about yOur elimination taCtics,
so i was carefUl enough to keep away from this one!
(bUt as usual, i get them in HD...lOl)

it was 40 - 40 from there!

if there was anything this parry didnt lack,
it was GIRLS! their multitUdes & mOstly on thE big SIDE!

so if you were say,
...a gUY @ this party
you'd be covered as long as you were with the moving tRain

in attendance we had,

our rotund kiki,
Ezinne (futo, fEddy)

uche juMbo...(Lol, dont mind me...just our plain old uche)

ck ice,
(who ended Up hiGh, lOud & never made it to 40 40)

(i hear you were taGged "tattler" @ the parry,
you know your legs were just being pulled right?...Lol)

'meka Ekpo
(hope you weren't embarassed,
i know the auditor general's son ish isn't funny
dAt was me hitting bElow the belt)

BookiE koliGs,
i hear tHEY were hard to miss!!

Emeka's roomMate
what's your story,
is it jUst puffS or there's mOre to you?

i hear you had my albino friend oVer!

i also hear you girls pulled alot of crowd
(in terms of the DRIVING fOrce)

hOw did the funding come about?
(i've been meaning to ask...ever since i started listening)

oH sH*t!
she has to rUn alOng now!
(a lecture to catch up with she says...i doubt)

be rEst assureD,
i'd be sure to continue



Anonymous said...

Hey tattlur!what it do mami...yeah i knw ur a chic...for so many reasons ur blog was so needed in this shithole of a matter hw they try ta fake..people luv being mentioned on here..shake shit up me ryder..who u think r d top 10 fine boys in futo.

Okoroz pikin said...

duhhhhhh! dats why u will end up as nothing.
U're preoccupied with tots of fyn guyz wen d gist is about d stupid twins and their dumb party.
Hey y'all, go get a life.

Anonymous said...

Duhhhhhhh Meka Ekpo u SUCK!

Okoroz pikin said...

Suck wat, Dick?
Or wud u lyk my slippers-like Boob?

me myslf n i said...

get a lyfe n stop hating

Anonymous said...

ck neva planed on going 2 this means o tattler is a close friend.closin in on ya......

Anonymous said...

My enemiez,mr tattler,we r stil living..

o.tattler said...

kEep cLOsing in,
i'm wAiting!

o.tattler said...

pls no F words,
& i'd appreciate lil or nO fOwl words!

Anonymous said...

otattler (bookie and emeka ekpo) and ur oda netwrk frnds. u tink i dnt knw ur d brain behind dis. c hw u castigate ur frnds on d internet foooooooooooooooollllllllllllllssssssssssssssss

o.tattler said...

there they go again...naming names!

i'd keep eluding you,
you'd kEep feeling sharp!

you could be right,
but then you can never know

Enjoy dis & stOp speculating

Anonymous said...

why won't you ppl leave emeka ekpo alone?
o gini ka o mere unu?

Anonymous said...

Meka Ekpo or should i say otattler,shut up dat ur smelling mouth.i know dat slut u call a girlfrnd (BOOKIE) also knows abt ur stupid blog.dnt worry we'd soon come for u. Big-headed Ugly couple

Anonymous said...

Meka ekpo u arent even smart.just knew it was goin 2b a little ova talkin dat wil strip off ur 4 koligs,wil die while gossipn.U 2 TALK

Gucchi said...

Hmmmm, dis is wat I call venting anger...
Otattler, u beta reveal urself b4 som1 gets hurt. Lol
B4 it was izzy, den nnamdi now meka b4 u know it, they wud crucify everyguy in owerri dat can speak english. Lmao
I gt my eyes on u...

Anonymous said...

Meka ekpo u arent even smart.just knew it was gonna b a little ova talkin dat wil strip off ur 4 koligs,u wil die gossipin. U 2 TALK

Anonymous said...

Na only kiki,chiaka,uche & zinny u see 4d party.ova sabi don dey worri u,big headed bookie. U knw even get gist.imbe

Anonymous said...

finaly emeka, im sure u dint play ur games well. wen u startd, tot u'll stil b on a vry low key. buh hey sory duh, ya cover waz blown by u. Its no mre a hidin stuff. Buh u tried tho. Make i ask u? **wispering** (na weed gv u ds concept..?)lol. Lemme point out 2 u were u 4k up, u aint even talkn abt dem real O'TWNERS.... NDI WE OBODO. U were jst circlin within ur frendz. Niga make beta use of ur browser k. Dis 1 don blow. As 4 ur buki, tel ha 2 rememba dat she's a gal. Im out

Anonymous said...

zimu & som som.....they are just owerri bitches....suck a cock for free with their smellin....rooted.....starched mouth!!!!

Anonymous said...

chiaka (uche jumbo bastard) wanna be.....lmao.............u aint no pussy...dickest bitch!!!!

Anonymous said...

watch out for real gossip @

Anonymous said...

fool t@ttler, zimu and chisom aint owerri gals. idiot!

Anonymous said...

this ain't O'townaz, jst som sort of invaaz

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