Sunday, March 28, 2010

--->>> dRive bY

this is gonna be the beginning of a whole new series,
considering i just got myself a new toy

trust me its cUte,
but i most definitely can't tell you what make lEt alone, model

a hint:
its not one of those lil yellowish tricycles roaming through the streets

the same ones that could havE you thinking
the giant yellow comm. company have taken over the town

yeah, you're right
you now have to be looking out for a car,
not just behind for the tattler

this is called Drive bY

so i'd try to narrate as lucid as possible
events as they unfolded before my eyes

Obieke's G-class was parked outside crunchies
how did i know?

he's one of those in the habit of brandishing
their name plates on a variety of exquisite automobiles

i'm guessing this is as a result of supposed personal achievements,
oR just that urge money brings
(he's got lOads of it)

the G-klas was parked almost alongside
a blue BMW X5 sports utility vehicle

same one owned by a young lady i've seen around a couple of times,
fair & exceptionally beautiful

while still exuding that raw sensuality

iS she married???

thE refuge dump @ UBA junction was scary,
yet funny

thought owr was all about clean and green,
this was some nasty biodegradable sHit

come do what you supposedly know how to do bEst

adanna (imsu)

more description?
mediatrics, Mbonu ejike

chesty thunder-strikes
& recessive albinism

didn't know you bring glimpses of your room fantasies
to the open now!

is it just me,
oR you don't exactly plan on just eating that roasted plantain?

are you looking for suitable substitutes?

the batteries are dead?...Lol

those earrings look like items from a movie set used
to illustrate the village perspective!

plUs mayBe you haven't noticed,
piCk & dRop is not for every girl in owr oh!

most of us need to consult a prof. hair stylist,
to give us the best in accordance with our facial configuration and scalp aeration

all those times you were hitting your hEad,
was it temporary amnesia again or oLd age telling on it?

all this security outside dEstiny sUpermarket,
& i knew there had to be a prominent personality

or just a public office holder

your lil prescence though short-lived
had the female section a lil crowded just cos of our fine yOung man

i'm sorry for the seemingly misconstrued connotation (yOung)
bUt for a man in his 50s being this charming,
i'm almost left to ask if its just an official age!

i'm guessing our learned prof., the VC of a federal technological university,
was shopping for the Mrs. for palm sunday

romantic right?
some men could still be!

Nnenna (futo)

thought you were previously of the school of thoughts,
that trousers were somewhat unGodlY for ladies?

i'm guessing you've realised that trousers are more attractive
& abate rape by peverted nymphos unLike skirts

looked attractive from beHind girl,
i'm sure you must have heard countless times...just hOw wrong you were



Anonymous said...

yes destiny super market is d hottest spot in o town where u fine girls of diff. shape and size

Anonymous said...

very dry gossip for this week, try and gossip with what your fans want to hear and not this dry write up, your fans want to hear real gossip like who is sleeping around and the latest big boy in town and not this dry post,,,,,,,,,,,,,please bruush up

Anonymous said...

wait! nnenna futo? aint that nnenna ogoke? (correct me if i'm wrong though) Noticed she's now almost an exclusively trouser person. So much for sticking up to your supposedly high standardised morals. Oh puhleeese.

Anonymous said...

otattler i need ur email adress,need to give u some info... email me

flash said...

Otattler hav u seen dis LELE girl dat's tryn to snatch my chic? she just dey cast me behind my bak but my chic no gree. Tel am mak she cool down b4 I go embarrass am oh!

Anonymous said...

BIA mu mu o-tattler, wetin concern Jay z wit dis Ur notepad. WHO dash monkey banana.

Anonymous said...

Otatler tink i know u 4rm sech skul.i am so proud of u've polishd ur kosi dat he shuld stop flirtin wit girls in sech skul.hes 2 big a monster nd kuld kil dem in bed......mìsty

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