Sunday, August 1, 2010

birthing a nEw LeAf witH jUSt wOrDs*!

Turning a new leaf is a prerequisite for not being a withered one*!, so you see...its better L8 than never, when amending our ways is the motive.

'Outta the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks'
»» we are what we say!
'so says the HoLy bOok'

•Good words are imperative for a good life; Asides speaking good things about myself like I always do, I'd also begin speaking good about Otown & I urge y'all to do same, bAd words never produce a +ve effect!

*yOu leAd by exampLe, riGht?
I'm sorry for anY slanderous & image demeaning tattles on my pOst!
it was all done in goOd fate,
But now I understand that you cannot speaK into being any 'GoOD' with bad! & for that, is why I'm sOrRy...I'd adopt a more +ve approach! can't fathom what it would be yet, but I'd strive to*!

We've got bright minds in this tOwn!...we've got ppl with a taste for innovation, we only have to speak & work positivity into it.

*opportunities are endless#
#tHinK it; #spEak it; &#work it into being

StOp tHe rAntinGs about oBiaKu, beneath all that...there's still that common ground we all share! #she'sonLyHumAn

& abOut mY laSt poSt, it was all about speculations...I dint say for certain dAt any oF thosE mentioned really have anY of the things STated!....I was jUst speaking the things maiNLy on the lipS of otowners, coated in LOads of english (o kwa i ma, ashiri ka mma na bekeE...Lol)

I know mOst oF uS here havE our faults, buT I've never seen a mOre alive populace. Some anonymous peRsOn droPpeD a comment on my last post, inquiring as to why I was wasting my obvious literary talents on this toWn. Reason being that nothing I say caN change the actions of O'inhabitants, bUt I beg to diFfeR!

There's been a drastic change in the way ppl go about thEir biz these days, @ first its aLL about hiding from Otattler's prying eyes or trying so hard not to give me something to talk about...bUt in tHe LonG ruN, their's an iota of chaNge in our actions (4d beTter).

Ppl nw throw classier parties, for fear of being ridiculed by my literary bullets (Lol, tHis is mE makinG mockery of what I've been trying 2 do in tHis tOwn) but I hOpE for an owr whr ppl are productive & not jUst engulfed in the nothingness thAt has prEsenTLy befallen the town.

Let's make an exception and call this spade (o'tOwn & O'inHabitAnts) a golden tea spoon for a change & we just might dine with royalty, in eventuality »» I hAvE faith wE all wiLL, yOu have too??