Monday, December 6, 2010

jOuRNaLs oF eXpeRienCe

By JeffeRy OkpaLeKe

The melancholic ideology called tradition
Is settled on my mind
I can't think for this period
(No I can't think straight)
(No I wont employ a quays advice)
tempted to make erratic decisions
And loose my mind
Allow my feelings only to be uncovered by my actions
Words are only a conversation
Actions are the exact words of a conversation
The matter has weighted
And occupies the occupation of life
Life is like a trailer
A short/long story
That just flashes the amazing parts of the clip
In brief
The hero should win in the end
U assume.
You look forward to the happy ending
No! Its all politics in this flick
Yes the good die young.
And hollywood keeps on with production
Its an alcoholics ending I say
Sad and gloomy.
Its an endless journey of suspense
God is your only direction.

sands of time
As the wind of the world
Carries dust away
Men will be born
And pass away

Dear OwerRi*

Dear OwR,
i knOw its been long i said a word*
buh hope i still don't strike u a tuRd, & same goes for those who think i'm a sturb.

i dint rUn,
neither did i still me!!!
the stRike's been called off,
now see if the caT still has my tongue* (Lol)

just messing around,
buh the fact is i've missed y'all

the comments under posts are the icing on my cake,
i love em like a fat kid loves chocolate*

the controversies, a tOkEn
the winds that leave the fowl's buttocks open*

oh, how i miss the incessant blinking of the red notiF lite on my BB,
all from your comments....u chase boredom from me, by just reading through
(i'm sure the feeling is mutuaL)

so all i ask fOR is tHat chancE tO make yOU & mE happy again!!
no one would say they dint enjoy the riDe,
even @ points whr its your ox that's goreD#

for hiTs beLow the beLt,#
i'm sorry*
(that was meaniE me#)

there's twitter, there R bRoacAsts*
i'd get your attention somehow#

nO one knows it all,
let's join hands in redefining mE

#fuck dat shit, wussy tattLeR....uve said enuf already*
I'm in charge now & I'm the me u useD to knw

its pEace Out 4 n\Ow.