Wednesday, December 30, 2009

a lil insight

yet another gossip,
a little insight into my modus operandi

i could be anyone
a normal person you would feel free talking to on a normal day

checking up on your well being
or just updating on our little petty gossips

i tried calling this normal o-town gurl

wanting to inquire about something she had apparently done to wrong me

nothing serious
but it was aimed @ bringing up conversation

so that i would probably get that much needed update...Lol

because frankly,
i'm admiting to the fact that being away during this yuletide season has left me a little rusty

i tried & tried for about an hour
no exaggerations

but her number was busy all through that period

& i'm thinking to myself

is this what the life of our average 'ahia owr' entails?
because i've always suspected she was one

i'm definately not going to name names

since i'm thinking aloud
& speculating too

but i'm almost sure
she was making new year reservations

because consequent upon the fact that owr is in short supply of their kind

as a result of the yuletide season & its villa relocation constraints,

the very few left behind in owr
are in HOT demand

i'm guessing i've helped a little in narrowing it down

- who's left in owr now?



Anonymous said...

U are now stupidly dry..why r u nw lackin gist? Idiot tattler..ur nw teln us hw foolishly u were tryn ur frndz no & it wz busy & soooo? Pls giv us wat we want...n why d f did u post dis dry gist 5 good tyms? Or are u a stammerer?

o.tattler said...

that was just for your literary perusal....STUPID

Anonymous said...


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