Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Owr!!!

its christmas day!
& wanna tell you a gossip about today!

its a known gist,
but some ppl still dont know it!
(just as common sense aint common...Lol!)
so i'd go ahead and tell it anyways!

some two thousand yrs ago,
a woman was about to give birth to one of the most powerful & iconic babies ever!

she couldn't do this in the comfort of her home
because someone, somewhere wanted his head even b4 he was born!
but she wouldn't let this happen!

so saddled on their donkey,
she & her husband Joseph left home
...for a far far away land!

no INNs left so,
he was born in a manger.

2000yrs after,
her love for him & zeal to see him become the man he was meant to be,
still pays off!

he's the reason for the season!
the reason we all are alive!
the reason we all have a second chance to make ammends!!!
& lead a better life

lets not loose sight of this reasons,
they should be paramount in our minds today
& always!

Merry Christmas from *o-t@tler*!!!


#3 said...

Merry christmas to u too!

Anonymous said...

merry xmas tooo,no gossip today?

ckice said...

o dude whats crackin in o town 2day

dozzy said...

lmao... tatler didnt have money to flex or go out to clubs n hang outs... so he wudnt have heard any gists..heheh

o.tattler said...

why are you so sure i'm a HE?

besides everyone's home
& spending time with family!

whoever's in club today or dis period
is probably not worth talking about!

@ ckice, christmas is cracking!

ckice said...

lol.tattler you need a state award.u're really spicin d town.big ups

dozzy said...

tattler..i meant last night

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