Monday, December 21, 2009

Futo Gradz!...''its rudiments''!

it seems to be the norm these days!

students spend way past their supposed due date in the universities!

& are so nonchalant about it

its graduation time again in FUTO,

Fly (Araka Solomon Okey, IMT {supposed final yr} ) flocks with birds of 'like' feathers with him!
knowing fully well that they'd be back here next year like they never left

still they go ahead with the normal rituals
of drenching themselves in water! where ever they're caught

in your full regalia,
or birthday suit!

they are 'neck deep' in these activities
even more than those seeping into the labor market immediately!

when i say 'like',
i mean an added year or more to the 5 tedious years already in school!

final year girls too aren't left out!
We know your coochys are on promo @ this time of the year!



Anonymous said...

i want some of the coochy!

Rakeem said...

Help ifeanyi eke..his fast becoming an illitrate..

Chigbo said...

We all no madox.....ugonne and jennifer,its easier sleepin wth jennifer cos shes broke.if u cn help her condition.

n€ighbØr said...

You can definitely identify them...they save their money for extra yr runs by not throwin' graduation parties but attending one party 2 d other & drinkin 2 stupor!!!...lolz

Anonymous said...

bloody o-tattler... u must a freakin jobless bastard. hold up... is it that all u do is stalk pple? get a life fool

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