Tuesday, December 22, 2009


*o-t@tler* has spotted a new face in town.

so far i have gathered dat he is a corper,
& drives a crystler or so i think
but the main point is,

its a sleek car and no doubt will attract 'em Owr girls
... its just a matter of time.

rumour has it that he is from one of them rich "oil money"!
and has wads of IT to throw around.

you could help me put a name to this face;
he's been seen on different occasions @ Ideal Suites and its environs.
which makes me want to believe he stays in the world bank area.

i'm hoping to use this one as a case study (or control experiment)
to know just how long the incubation period is for "newbies" in Owerri!
(i.e how long it takes for him to join the Owerri's vicious circle)

oh yeah!
i forgot to add that he is really cute

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