Monday, December 21, 2009


there's alot that goes down!
in this small town ov 'o town'!

i'm opportuned to be in the path of most of the town's gossip!

added to the fact that i took xtra precautions in keeping my id anonymous

so no angry mob!
or embarassed gfs/bfs can break this lil cute head of mine!

i'm gonna be bringing you the town giSts & gOssiPs,
hot & spicy!

no details left out,
no mincing of words irrespective of whose ox is gored!

'o town' gurls (you know what they say about them)??
if you dont,
i'd go ahead and tell you anyways!

a census has shown that every owr gal is a potential whore'

i know the 'whore' word sounds a lil harsh,
but that's really what it is!

look on the bright side!

now you'd know what exactly it takes to get who!
(get to skip the frivolities...Lol!)

you'd also prolly also get to find out who f**kn around with your gal

(i know, i know! always knew or suspected she was sleepin around? now, you get to put a name to the suspicions!)

& all them ''CHAiRMEN''!!!

i hope house wives are stil bored enough to follow the town's gossips on the internet & in the comfort of their homes or mobile fones!

enough of barking...
i wanna bite! *stay tuned*

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