Friday, December 25, 2009

GrAb yoUr CoPY nOw!!

to my utter dismay,
on one of my drinkn' sprees at one of our many o-town bars,

on a rather rowdy night,
tryna get in the christmas mood

unnoticed as i was,
maybe because of who i was with

or even my drab attire,

despite the fact that i was seated in a position where i could see and be seen!

one of our most popular faces in owerri walked in with a 'newbie' (seemingly her latest prey)

& went straight to a position where they could see & not be seen (smart!)

this got me thinking
& i had this feeling i was going to see something worth talking about!

baam! there wuz the spicy gist staring right at me. . .

. . .a blow job was goin on!
now, if this couple (especially our dear 'ahia owerri') could go that far in public . . .???

in the spirit of the yuletide,i wil not mention names
(unless of course my ardent readers insist).

however, i will not be carrying out my duties efficiently if i dont give clues at least! doNt u think? lol

the joint is situated in the Amakohia area (not a very decent place i must say),

i dont hav much on the newbie,
but the chic? i definitely do.

she is one of 'em cute girls dat claim to be Imsu students,
sources say she is always seen around the business college,

petite but shapy, light-skinned ,has difficulties expressing herself in english language, attends every party,show and the likes in town.

i think she lives in the ikenegbu area. . .enough on a sister!

trust o-tattler, i also gathered that the guy works in an oil servicing firm in Ph and has spent almost a week in town.

Looks like he'll be here till the new year. Good looking dude though, and with a fat pocket to match!

perfect xmas gift for our dear Ch. . . . .



Snow said...

Tatter wtz up? spill d SPOILT beans wat u waitin 4?bizcollege?ah does gals r reli horibl,more info.on d gal abeg wat level?dept?am tryna guess ryt.hapi boxin day,box harder icekid.

Anonymous said...

Otatler we need gist, gosip. Am tired of chekin up on dis coments or did u travel to ur

Anonymous said...


Mr x said...

We wud dig it if u mak it cool by revilin de identity of the gal who knw she mit b the one i ve been tripin 4 nd it only u dat can help matters

Anonymous said...

who else,if nt or mrs tattler,tel mi am wrong

Anonymous said...

who else,if nt or mrs tattler,tel mi am wrong

o.tattler said...

Yes, it is chizzy!

Sniper said...

Chizzy Mahakwe the superbitch rite.....

Anonymous said...

She must be the hoe that shagged all ECO excos in a bid to win an election.Bitch ambition feel through.


no one is perfect but dat bitch has got lots of evil in her;;she s a leisbien,smoker,club freak,prostitute and she s so desperate.
she also lives a fake life,claiming what she s not and turning her entire life into a lie....
i even heard dat she s diabolic...
and the worst of all is dat she s always got her eyes on other girls' boyfriends(IF i catch u near my bf,i will skin u,so beware).

Anonymous said...

u guys should get sumthing doing with your lives and time.....

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