Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year (lets do things right)

its a new year
& i'm trying to do everything right just like everyone else

i know we all have resolutions,

personally i dont
because i'm happy with most of the things i did last year,
so i think i'd continue

previous comments on this blog have been vulgar, libelous & i've been thinking of a way to nip them in the bud

but then, i realised, there is something like freedom of speech.

So while i personally condemn any crazy comment being posted as replies to any of my tattles, i will not censor any of them. I just do hope we are man enough to take responsibility for what we post. Don't hide behind anonymity and then post crap. If you think you have authentic information you'd like to share, get a username, so you can be taken seriously.

ot@tler shouldn't be an avenue for settling scores, by openly attacking people who have wronged us or otherwise on the world wide web

instead, we should pave the way forward to problems or situations with our comments

this is what i came up with

all older slanderous comments will or have been deleted. It's a clean slate people, just like the new year brings.

i reserve the rights to review & certify comments, credible enough to be displayed on our gossip blog, so i can still delete again with my smoking gun, hardy har har!

its ours,
you might not see it that way/

but its you out there that makes otattler what it is

hAPpy nEw yeAr from *o.t@tler*


archie said...

hapi nu yr to yu too

Anonymous said...

Don't kill this blog yourself...let it be the way it's been...

Anonymous said...

Let it b lyk b4!

Anonymous said...

*Yawn*. This blog is played-the-fuck-out already. First of all, you don't have any pictures (ever heard of facebook?). Secondly, you give daps to a couple of people. You kiss ass!?!? On a gossip blog!?!?!? Who the fuck is this lame? Where they do that at?? I could run a better blog in my sleep BUT I have a life so I'll pass... I just gave you tips though... #okbye PS: You are in-articulate.

o.tattler said...

i could be tagged alot of things, but inarticulate definately isn't one of them

inarticulate: lacking the ability to express oneself esp. in clear and effective speech or writing

if you tell yourself the truth, that doesn't describe me @all

#3 said...

I'm wit u t@tler,
u're on point.

Onu said...

Who's d anonymous bitch? Pls most O.towners use d FREE opera mobile phone browser including u, it's Evn a bit difficult to load the average 90kb page & pics will make it heavier.
If u want pictures, go to cybershotz.
No com form for us here.
I tofebe I gu akwukwo maka n'o nwere foto?
Tattler, fire down! I di tyt.
Cybershotz give me my cut for advertisement oh. Hmmmmm

obyno n'ele akwa said...

O.tattler suba bekee!
Ji bekee sugbuo fa, onye anwa che n'oka gi asu oyibo.
Afo sagbuo kwa ya.

Anonymous said...

Onu, you are a degenerate. I pay for internet access. Your ass-backwards thinking tags paying for internet access "forming"? Lmao!!! You are finished in this life... so, being cheap makes you real? lol. Thank God I don't live in Owerri with retards like yourself.

Sorry for digressing heavily though. To the O-tattler dude/girl/gay; you could get pictures up so we'd know who the fuck you're talking about, you know, like the "other" gossip blogs!?!?

Anonymous said...

Yea,more pics,enliven this blog

Anonymous said...

Anonymous mongol,
If u ain't from, wat d hell are u doin on this page? Oh! I get it, u're ppl are too dry or retarded to do anything wit some novelty.
Pls, mr expensive, allow us to do our "stupid" thing. Nembeh!

DEEZNUTS said...

Anonymous mongol,
If u ain't from, wat d hell are u doin on this page? Oh! I get it, u're ppl are too dry or retarded to do anything wit some novelty.
Pls, mr expensive, allow us to do our "stupid" thing. Nembeh!

O-tattler, it's unfortunate that your blog attracts the low IQ demographic, sans me. I got to school in Owerri, dumb dumb. Come talk to me when you learn to put a cohesive sentence together. SMDH...

o.tattler said...

seems the english students just found this blog!...i'm impressed @ Deeznuts!!!

DEEZNUTS said...


Literally. Don't pretend you're being sarcastic. lol. Is the next gist coming anytime this year?? I mean... #imjustsaying

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