Monday, May 3, 2010

sOwinG tHe sEed oF disCorD

i've seen alot of ppl talking bout friends
and how unreliable they could be

& i'm forced to say this,
are yOu just knowing that?

you're all alone in this world
any dealings with others would have to attract some sort of benefit on their part
& yours too


just as one way relationships never go well,
no one wants a stagnant friend plus whatsoever,
is a no plus however!

i'm sure we all were advised to make every friend count,
...a particular area of upliftment @least!

when pUsh turns to sHove!*
--->> ndu wU akpa,
onye o bula nya nke ya!

that's a lil food for yOur thots,
don't digest it all at once

steer clear of the miserable & unhappy,
aids aint the only thing that's contagious

@least 48 Laws of Power was cock sure about it,
don't go carrying undue baggage

don't make the mistake about telling ppl your problems,
70% don't give a shit....& 30% are gLaD!

i know its kinda contradictory to the saying that goes thus:

a problem shared,
is a problem half solved

i'd only believe this if you'd argue that talking about it only makes you feel better,
not it actually solving anything

*(atleast not in this present day)*

take a look @ it,
that very important assignment

...that bf,
the friend you told so much about him,
& she turned around to use it to strike her own deal?

that trying moment!,
tHEy just happened to be in no position to profer any solutions?
or they would have if situations were different

there's a limit to what another person can do for you

they know the number of kilometers out of their way,
that they can go for you!

after that,
its O.Y.O (on your own)

don't think i'm bitter,
or just got snitched on by a true friend

...i haven't had me one of those in aGes
just a bunch of friends with benefits!

you've got a car,
i need to get around my many engagements in style
--->> i get the fuel

you've got mary & kay,
i've gOt mack & need a lil kAY!

you automatically become my 'kay' friend without knowing it,
& for a while you think its that charming personality of yours




Anonymous said...

two roomies, one st**phs this babe n starts lovin up but d babe still gives d guys roomie d st**ph like no time 4 love, he tells he's roomie what happened so he could see that d gurl aint worth it, what does d roomie do? he goes back to ask d gurl why. what do u call that?

Anonymous said...

Gist us abt saturday wedding (ezinne tony okeke alinor)d bloke..Heard dat d biggest boiz in O-town graced occassion

lager said...

tattler,rapu e na gbo bekeh.thier fada. lager reporting 4rm fct and publishing d book rudiments ov d loose cigar!

Anonymous said...

guy, i guess it's abt time you start spell checking your write ups. there ain't no word like "DISACCORD", the right word is "DISCORD". Capisce?? and some ppl think you are one webster or oxford. plsssssssssss......

o.tattler said...

ok ok

i'm sitted here wondering how that escaped my initial perusal of this post

but i guess no one is perfect,
not even the tattler

one mistake in 66 posts,
that has got to count for something, right?

Barrister JD controversial said...

Lol, I like dat Tattler, it doesn't only count for somtin, it counts for plenty. U're da bomb...

Anonymous said...

nice one tattler. i kinda expected u 2 come out wit both guns blazing cos i know i kinda laid it down in an impolite manner. one xteristic of lil minds is dat dey don't stand 2 be corrected. so dat says a lot abt ur personality. kp writin dude and may ur pen neva lack ink.

absolute geek said...

for once the comments actually make me smile..these featured commentatos r d kind dat shld grace d world,they criticise n appreciate...dats some balance...thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

Gotta say, U rilly got d yans on d pal tingy; "friends wit benefit" is wat ma ppl call it.. But ders notin we cn do cept sleep wif 1 eye open, good friends are hard to find...

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