Tuesday, May 11, 2010

...suppOsed iMpliCatIoN

Don't know how fast gist flies in this town anymore,

seems like i'm the only one doing all thE worK...Lol

But i'm guessing some, if not most of you have heard that

your very own owr tattler was at 'ebe ngwori'...imsu junction yesterday evening!

their weekly request show witH rEal pLAyer
was on

& yours truly requested 'impLIcaTion' by tU fAce

intended getting a few ppl implicaTed...Lol,

bUt there was lil or nothing to report

maybe with the exception of dJ T-jOe (of oriEnt fM)'s birthday!

haD alot of cash to throw around,

& equally enough folks to throw it @!

maybe a lil teenie weenie gossip!

thE fisH was superb!

some of you think i aint got no gossip, no more?

You'd be surprised,
was only on a self acclaimed vac!

i neeD NOT tell yOu to stay tuned!

somEthiNG tells me somehow you will...Lol

plus today's BOB MARLEY's birthday,

those who know...knw what to do to eulogize him



Anonymous said...

..... i didnt find a better way to put this....... nne/nna inyacha sigo ka akwa

Linda Egu said...

Tattler... m nweta gi eh!
m' ga agbagbu gi.
Orlando Abeg if u hav ur finger in dis, get it out fast.

Anonymous said...

All these Igbo's exhibiting originality as regards the language....
Just give a lil info about yourself,a modicum per say(like the day you were deflowered) and,you will learn that even Tie and Die made under perfect conditions no dey wash.
I trial will convince you!!!!!!!!!

It's mE.

Anonymous said...

tattler i can see you are tired and worn out, no more gist again.............come and employ me as your correspondent

Anonymous said...

Like seriously. You got no tattle. Your a fake ass nigga.

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