Wednesday, May 19, 2010

*come -->> back*

thought i was some biG name in owr!
but apparently,
i've got tO wOrk my way up the laDder like every other struggling venture
& yEt i'm surprised i haven't got mE no competitors springing up here and there yet!

once upon a time
i was loved (or atleast hated) by all of owr...not sO sure about noW!!
wiLLing to try though,
...talking about winning back your love or its hostile conterpart

haPi buFdai mAka (18/05),
congraTs on your graduation too!
so sorry to pry though...bUt who's the slim'ish,
fine feddy gal you're always seen with?

the new one?!
thought it was jennifer?...(anyways, you'd always have me confused)

she finally got into school?!
thought she gave Up on school(ing) a long time ago?
*crystal* jamila*...which do i take pls?

you're an ojimgbo material...don't think otherwise oh!
the finely constructed phonetics don't have me fooled

seems you've been infected by jenny & the boy craze,
no bOttles in extreme conditions pls!

i hear oBinzE's the new sodom & gOmorrah!

lesbianism's now the norm!
lots of make out sessions alongside weedY sessions

& just as they showcase their soft sides,
same goes for the harder 3/4

hear the female fraternities are the ones pulling their weights over there,
while thier male counterparts have obviously got a thing or two to learn!

pls oh,
i was directed to ask this personally,

is chiNgy rYan junior still a student?
oR just beinG helD back bY lOve? (....'yeah, she would marry you' Lol)



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Anonymous said...

chechi dis is so funny

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the things going on here in O'town why cant O'tatler come out bold and make himself know?? if you are doing what is right then try

Anonymous said...

Wow! Hope dis isnt d chechy i kow. Nyway, dis is the WACKEST site od d year

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