Saturday, April 24, 2010

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Chieke Felix,
Heard you're Mr. Campus?

Did'nt they give you the car they promised?
Why are you always seen driving Mrs. heartland's car?

is it just a couple thing or are you guys actually meant to share?

SpOtTed too! Yommy

dResseD in office shirts,
a pair of nice jeans & a footwear to gO with the trEnd!

LOoks like she's changed her normal dress code of tucked in tee'z & sneakers with school bag
(not the samE as laptOp backPack)

also spOtted, tattle prime suspects!
meka ekpo (brown pOlice tee, carry a purple T.M Lewin pAper bAg)

& his suspected affiliate, bookie
Lacy green turtle neck & obviously jeAns,
haiR flowing in the wind (just like in a photO shoot)

were seEn cruising arOund Otown yesterday in a 'self converted' covertible keke,
having a drink enroute whrever!

smiling sheepishly
& obviously having a swell time (...wondering why)

thought you two were rumoured to hav dissolved the relationship?
is that truE or was it otowners trying to do my job for me?



Barrister Chux said...

Chei! Owerri e gbuolam. dis Tattler people are going to cause wahala oh. I was yabbing yommy just d other day about her dressing and now she would think I am oTattler. Hmmmm I hereby deny oh! Amaghi kwa'm Onye tattler.

Anonymous said...

Nna ehh!!! Dat tin tire me o! Why dat guy de flex arud wit miss hrtland car??? R they sharing it?

owums chinenye said...

Dat mr campus guy is gay, I can swear it.

Anonymous said...

hahaha...who is this campus guy??abeg tattler give us girls gist we like abeg....who are the top 5 fine boys in FUTO??..becuz ive been hearing sum gist about some boys

yougottaloveagoodblog said...

good one tatty,can i call u dat
from "limited public offers" till date..... one word SPECTACULAR, I wish i cud find you a spot as a columnist,u do a good job.

o.tattler said...

won't mind the columnist ish...i'm under rated on here

ada said...

lol, tattler u'll never kill me...
I've finally moved to imsuth so u guys can go fuck urselves.

moi said...

mr campus no mind dem.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear the guys dat gingered emeka ekp just got out of police cell, 2 weeks after?

Anonymous said...

Did you hear the guys dat gingered emeka ekp just got out of police cell, 2 weeks after?

Anonymous said...

@owums.....nah ur papa make mr campus gay?..e b lyk say ur head no correct @ol

Anonymous said...

@tat...luks lyk ur rly into dis bukki chick..abeg let her av breathin space..wetin she do u?

Anonymous said...

@ owums, how u take know say mr campus na gay? abi u don make him do u, him no gree.

Nnamdy hems said...

Otatler u ar so dumb..hw on earth wud bookie n meka enter a convertible keke?

Anonymous said...

@owums if u wan make mr campus do u tell us naa no dey use idea seek his notice

Anonymous said...

just seeing this tatler thing for the 1st time. make una gossip on something productive abeg.

Ebube said...

whats your problem with people's means of transport, dressing and relationship? You gotta be more serious pls. this is getting ridiculous.

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