Sunday, May 9, 2010

...nw sends txt msgs

By nOw i'm sure some of you hav gotten my personalised text msgs

& wondering how in the world its possible
(like i always say, it aint rocket science)

they were nothing too serz though...just a lil e-blackmail & 'what's up'

i'm also sure some of you would try and hunt me down through this,

GoodLuck to you on your quest,
i'd love to see bauer or chloe try...Lol



Anonymous said...

Tattler i dey feel U scatter

mimi said... i didnt get any sms.

Anonymous said...

Y u dnt u have gist des days? Shut up nw. Otetlow. U don reign finish,ur livin in past glory nw. Get some real gossips or shut d hell up.

Uzomi nizzle said...

U're d fucking best

Ada bullshit. said...

OTAttler you really have run out of genuine gist, go sidon for dustbin, nowadays comments on ur blog no deh pass 2 or 3 that is becos ur gist don dry like stockfish................

o.tattler said...

Firstly, who addresses her own self as bullshit?? Well,bullshit, you helped increase the number of comments today. Thanks for that!

Anonymous said...

have u guys heard that actor mike ezuruonye is having his wedding in owerri. i'll definitely be there.

Updates & Game Tracker said...

Anonymous2 u are what i'ld like to call a dumb f@?k. It's either ' why don't u have any gist or why u no come get gist? Imbecile!!! I hate mediocrity.

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