Sunday, April 4, 2010

meltDown of d finAnCial seCtoR

whaT eveR happened to Kelechi (a.k.a Bobbito)?

Ahah! i know. he voluntarily resigned.


quoting my source, "he was SACKED"!

did He think his sudden 'exile' would be unNoticed,

after constitUtiNg so much nuisAnce in o-town?

i don't think so.

the tattlers hAve kept mute on the topic b'cos there was tHat uncertainty.

i mean, with our dear 'Bobbie' you can't be too sure what's next.

he may haVe been offered a jOb in tHe world baNk! Lol

It is (or was) a wonder that a yOung banker could thRow so much weight around,

even more than a G.M.

that's O-toWn fOR you!

with bankers earning the hiGHest pay (besides politicians) what do We exPEct?

well,he better have saved up bcos it seems the rAiny days are here for him.

poor him.

oh well, he could still have least there is still that All season's 'freepass' (i suppose)
then , i hope his friends ArE there to support him.

the problem is,

most TALKATIVE and extra-social people, end up having no true friend.

hope it's not the case with our Mr. PoPular.

Q- who is treading his footsteps in the banking industry of O-town???

A- Gerald of bank PHB.

the tall dark dude (with the Harry potter feature),

seems to be everywhere these days......with female company ofcourse.

obviously he's still discovering the town.

aLL there is To it is, while he discovers the town, the town discovers HIM.



Anonymous said...

So u dont adrs urself again as I its nw d Tattlers,u see d reason i say its u guyz i mean Emeka Ekpo nd Dirichi stil gona find out if derez a 3rd pesn meanwyl we r nt dne wit d last gist yet remmba it stil dosnt hve a name....

Anonymous said...

hehe no mind am.this emeka boy go hear am o.m wan change d subject make people 4get say na him..e don be 4 u guy

Anonymous said...

maybe we go use otk find out de bastard weh dey do all this rubbish.....

Young Izzy said...

Well tattler i called u on d fone 2weeks ago 2 confirm dat ur real, dis tym it'l b a physical call.. I decoded ur voice n twaz definitely 'meka', i dint react then buh nw u got me up ur post u'l hear 4rm me soon.. As ur gud in gatherin info, go get my info 4rm uturu as of 07 set n i bet u'l understand wats coming. As 4 dirichi, i'l leave ha 4 ha lady folks 2 handle.. C u soon (unless ur nt in o'town)

Anonymous said...

Dry Gist. He is a big Boy. What have uo done tattler. Which weight have u pulled in this town?

Anonymous said...

he drove iv-tec, toyota camry spider,mini toyota avensis,bora,toyota tundra, which one have u driven. onye owu.he even slept wit ur mum ewu mmmeeeee.

Chike Ufondu said...

Bookie Bookiee Bookieee,if i find out u r involved in dis shit,i'd stop having sex wit can u be so hrtless?

o.tattler said...

izzy!...shut the hell up once again

you can go ahead and deal with those two miscreants, i dont give a hoot!

i'd still keep tattling

Anonymous said...

Tattler give us better gist....Don't know why J-Martins is alwayz cmñ 2 Futo,gist us if U're d real tattler

o.tattler said...

to see nnezi mbila...what?
you thought i didn't know?

Anonymous said...

An Idle Mind Is The Devils Workshop.... Tattler so ikwerela ka ekwensu were gi kwara gwa oru.... Ubochi nile bu nke onyeoshi but one day is for Okoro Nwe Ubi.... Very soon u go cast.... and na Hell Fire go Jam U... So be ready.... or go hire Mopo dey go around....

Anonymous said...

ewu can beer,thot u were informed,go findout what the guy is up to now,even bigger than he ever was,sorry maybe na akpo,hope say e no fuck ur sister cos I knw say e fuck ur girlfriend,mumu go find work do,dry

Anonymous said...

so is nnezi still dating jay martins?

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