Thursday, April 15, 2010

liMiteD pUbliC oFfeRz

hey hey!
stop all the hating ok?

i came up with something,
a plan to push you all into further confusion!

call it a public offer,
but i've got openings now

if you don't really get it,
i'd put you through

you have a chance to work in collabo with otattler!!!
bRing up your stories...true* they must be
(i'D employ my own verification tactics)

it's not d molotov cocktail
aimed @ those who have wronged you

you all are complaining about how i play my ball,
hOw about you come play with me inStead??

show me your versions of
what a true gossip blog is all about,
& trust know i have a thing for innovation?

i'D be sure to post it if its credible,
& probably has a msg!

wE've got bright minds out thEre!

yOu've got your anonymity too,
we don't necessarily need to know who you are!
wE'd just work hand-in-glove!!

i knOw a few have been cajoled on accounts of me,
bUt you all haven't been half as correct!

i'm giving you a sneak preview into my mOdus oPeranDi
ab initio!

sOrRy i knOw i lost some theRE!...Lol
i meant my mode of operation from the start

no one has thiS much gossip
or dirT on this much ppl
(gimme some credit i've gOt about 6o'ish posTs up already)

caLL me Mr. Editor,
caLL me CEO!

it all goes through me!!!

i run thiS shiT,
i do it wEll...i'm sure you'd applaud mY tactics

just like its called in the real world
Limited pubLic oFferz

its actually limited!
first & foremost you'd have to be a follower of my blog

someone recognised atleast by me
its not rocket science, figure it out!

i work with gmail accounts onlY,
you could even catch me online for a quick chat anytime

i've already got ppl on my tattle list,
so hurry!



T 4kn cure said...

hand in gloves?...
nah, l'ld rather hand in hand...',
all the same, how do l get linkd "4d latter"

Anonymous said...

Hw do i bcum a pat of dis?...beem looking 4dis oportunity

Anonymous said...

tattler ow do we get hooked up dern......i min ow do we get our gossip to yhu.....cHrizZy the new kid on d block

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Adaowere, nwa njamanze... said...

Tattler, d best part of u is ur ability to deal wit O.towners, where ova 60% are downright retardz. Anyway, we'll correspond via e-mail

Naijabioweapon said...

O.tattler, u're d bomb. I'm gon' hit u wit big stuff real soon.

o.tattler said...

Get a gmail account...hit me up @

But first and foremost,
You'd have to be a follower of my blog

& contrary to what the anonymous idi*t above said,
I haven't run out of gist yet

tattler assasin said...

den why did u remove the comment.....fool.....33

Anonymous said...

fool ur gist has finisd. Retard.

Don Caster said...

In deed ur Gists are finished. Now u want pple 2 help you out, dont be a dumb bunny we know that trick.. U started this all by urself so finish it. wait a min. u think pple are fools or what? One must be ur follower before giving u gists.. u can imagine a begger that has a choice... how can some one be ur follower without knowing hu de hell he/she is following.. Show ur face so that pple can show theirs.. We cant fall dat cheap to you. I though u are a thick babe/guy r ur correspondents dead or have they gotten a useful thing doing with their time? U started this..... Dont hunt what u cant kill.....

o.tattler said...

tattler assassin???? lol (really dumb). Don caster, you can go aHead and fool yourself ...put up your real name, then u'll know for sure if iv run out of gist.dis is just to spice it up,thick skull! By the way, follower here means 'following the blog'. like i said,it isnt rocket

Anonymous said...

Meka Ekpo,now u&v broken up wit Bookie,i guess ur link is gone.

o.tattler said...

can the last anonymous give me details?? sure sounds like juicy gossip.'o-town's prime suspects'.lol

Anonymous said...

I hear sum aye men bin knack meka ekpo! it true abeg oh?

Anonymous said...

Which kind knack?...wz thr, the only thing those hungry guys wantd wz beer

Anonymous said...

how dumb cultists be? In d days of Wole cults staged civil & political demonstrations. Now wey police & Ohakim dey chop dem office anyhow, na otattler dem see to knack. Thank God sey I no dey skool, I 4 appoint myself otattler bodyguard. If pesin look am bad eye, I go knack am, knack im sisters, knack im papa.
Idiotic fools.

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