Sunday, January 3, 2010

O-Town's got a Female Bouncer!!!

did you think you would escape the wrath of o-tattler?
think again!! lol

o-tattler isn't here just to bring you this lil town's gossips,
i have been able to arrange them in an order
only the the tattler can understand.

it happens to be HER turn!!!

this o-town regular face
isn't one of those in our dear o-town
just here for academic purposes and the likes,
she happens to be a 'landlady'!!!

a member of the Royal family of Owerri
or atleast her last name and idiosyncrasies (the promiscuity and all) suggest that,

she is a perfect definition of "Ada Owerri".
trust me, even if you don't know her name,you know the face.

where is she seen???

anywhere and everywhere in town ranging from club houses and hotels
to open bars and parties.

if not for the cash involved, she would have been a registered member of 'all season's club'! lol

i think she should be awarded the membership card for her relentless attendance.

her physique suggests the 'chairman type'
you know what catches their eyes @ first glance

but the onus is on her and my dear readers to confirm that.

she belongs to this particular female group in town,
whose names will only come up when the time is right.

o-t@tler has been watching this heavy chic for a while and it has come to my notice that
she never leaves the town.
not even during the holidays!

come to think of it, wouldn't she be a perfect reporter for this blog of mine? lol
was thinking of recruiting but that would spoil my anonymity...Lol!



Anonymous said...

tattler.......tiz wasn't wat u said wen u did open tiz blog.....u said 100% raw...n uncut....wat in owums name r u doing???.....nt naming names???....wanna lose d spike or wat????....if u nid so leads on sum of dem gist....u say so....n stop being a pussy

Sgt. said...

Now O-tatler is comin through!
Who goes there!
kedu onye bu Nwa Ada owerri anyi n'acho?
All d njemanzes take ur number...
una fit reach 100, so if u be chic, go dis side. If u be guy go that side.
Unu che n'unu ma ihe?
O-tattler talk sey d Nwa heavy well well.
If u heavy raise ur hand!
Oga O-tatler, na front heavy abi na bak heavy? Abeg anybody wey help us catch dis suspect, I go giv am cut 4 d bail moni.

Anonymous said...

Chiaka Njemanze...who else?

KC said...

Otu nnunu!
Chiaka njemanze?
But na wa oh o.tattler hugakwa uzo.
d Nwa Jikwa style di luscious, but ihu ya ga emeli ka amu nwoke daa ka mgbidi jericho. ie: o joro njo mmadu 15 mana nepa were oku, o ga e meeki sense. Lol.
@ Sgt. U b real Naija policeman, u still dey investigate, result don show.
@ o.tattler gwanu anyi, she be ahia? If yes, nyenu anyi estimate, ka anyi maranu ma o ga eru n'anyi aka.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, u ppl hav started again dis yr, pls were's dat my pastor, make she com preach 4 una.
Oooooooh! Chiaka dis tym?
Well my ears are open.

Anonymous said...

yea tattler..y u bin a sorry pussy..giv us names,dnt trow a dry riddle our way...uv bin givin names,y in owums name ar u withdrawin jist please...n dnt dare to bore us wit jist dat has cum up unda doz oda -be-tattled piple..especialy nt about madox ...its goten stale!

Anonymous said...

otatler ds gist is boring:(

Anonymous said...

this stupid tatler, why are you dissing a particular crew? what did they do to you? be a man or a woman and confront them and stop being a fool. RUBISH. the anonymous fool mentioning Chiaka is an idiot. she is beter dan you. see dis one sayin she is ugly. ur mama fyn pass am? ur dick must be weak to fall just cos of an ugly face so y'all shuld go get a life or rather buy one.

Anonymous said...

otattler i tot u removed dis anonimity option from ur blog!!.....wat chngd ur mind

Anonymous said...

o-tattler wen u're ready to get beta gist,u can go ahead but 4 now u're way too boring psstt! !

Anonymous said...

When next you decide to fuck me Tattler.....kiss me first!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I CAN SWEAR DOWN THAT UR IN F.U.T.O.. put since u feel u have the pre-requisite to cast pple then kudos..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

cme bitch, dick,ass,tattler or wateva u call urslf get a lyfe cos dis one aint workn.

Anonymous said...

dat chick n her frnds no dey find wahala so let dem be, if u cnt get dem jst go hme n cry n stp castn dem cos dey r beta dan ur entire generation, a fool at ur age is a fool 4 ever tat

Anonymous said...

Menh...u guyz dat keep on dissin ppl shld knw dat is not worth it...cos u jst dnt d ppl behind it....o-tattler, u better don't revel ur identity cos u r soon gone weneva u do dat...hehehe...meanwhile mo' gist pls!

Anonymous said...

Dat Ugly Chiaka and her Friends are all Bitches.FACT

Anonymous said...

@Tat or wat eva ur'e cal'd, ur jst a jobless Fool....tryin 2 bring beef nd enmity btw pple in dis smal twn.nywayz its 3wrdz 4u, Go To Hell...

Anonymous said...

u guyz are wastin ur time here,otattler is now boring,i suggest u all go 2 realtattler..dats where d real gist is..SPLINTER CELL

¤$ÑØW¤ said...

Phuleasss.. Dats d driest of al sites,d guy or chick is a fool,borrow pose.

chuks egbu said...

free dose little gals dey re only havin fun nd wen nxt u get gist talk better talk cos dey hav don nttin or dey chop ur money go na wetin dey vex u.tell mi cos dat kind tin dey vex

Anonymous said...

In my opinion Otatller is an enterprising fellow which Nigerians need for biz to grow, i respect your biz bro, ur latest gist for sure is true as we all have a slight idea that the above mentioned personality and her cohorts are pretty shitty and can be described with the W-word

Anonymous said...

guy wats up wit u nd feddygals

Anonymous said...

don,t spoil people's image

Anonymous said...

how dare u bastards insult my wife.u all are fools. scallywags,moda 4kas,low life.hey u o-trash or what ever u kal ur self. Do u realise dat you will soon go over board.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i'm liking this..........................

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

guy,girl any1 dat u re,u re d bomb.just b specific cos is more fun.owerri gossip girl.

Anonymous said...

Gossip gurl, more gist about d twins.

Nnamsco said...

Why don't we go by our names right here and stop hiding?.Or are we scared of our names or probably scared that what we say here might get back to us?.

Anonymous said...

mscheeeeeeeeeeew y dnt you call names if u aint scared!!!!!!!!!!!! LOSER!!!

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

In Law Faculty EEU, Joy Allen and Oma Were at each others throat with verbal assaults because they could not make an A in a course.Na them sabi Pass. Abeg!

Anonymous said...

soxo will soon be bak to owerri, iheard he went zamfara, na only god know wetin pursue d bobo go dere.abeg com bak make hunger no kill ur boys.

Anonymous said...

pls can sombody advise toby to dress well for once and patronising three quarter sellers at ekeonunwa market or wether he steals it nbody knows. how can one person has 10 of such outfits in his wardrobe (3/4robe)

Anonymous said...

since ody chic travel, de guy don start to patronise ndi-ukwu-nnu as usual. wat a world. after all there are some things in life that wont be denied

Anonymous said...

anyday toby stops patronising 3/4 sellers, his maga go pay, but did i hear u say maga, has he joined those ahoo ahoo boys. e don te now, dats why he always runs out from his fathrs house in pursuit of maga client, chei nwam efuola o. in short i must let his hear this, i tot he came from a responsible home. all of them are from such homes, dat one we de keep afro, in papa na reverend, dat yoruba ibo half-caste na correct xtian family he get, ody nko-all his family members na corrrect xtian,afro-boy even convert one of his boys-farsomething into the stuff. come oo, e be like say dat stuff na new generation cultism? who knows? i de pity all dose girls dem de fuck, de fit de use dem======.guy i no de talk again oo, na u sabi wetin ude talk oo. i don go sleep

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Breaking News, Chinyere Chibeneme from Oguta, now sleeps with his uncle and brother Rev Fr Innocent Ikechi Ihemedu, what a generation

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