Thursday, January 28, 2010

Whats up with O-Twinny?

this is gossip girl or boy (not quite sure these days....Lol) reporting live from owr

bringing you the town's gist hot n spicy (i know i haven't been doing a good job @ that lately, but you would still stand by me right?)

i'm a bit confused on this one,
so if you've got clues, feel free to help me out here

Fine chic
(no doubt!!)

On the big side
(still no doubt, but she somehow manages to keep very little curves, which i believe @ the rate she is going should be long gone before long)

i'm very sure she was in Imsu,
so i wonder how a person drops out just like that

there has to be a reason for a rash decision of that capacity,
i hope its a tangible one

then again,
i heard, i saw her write Futo's Post Ume!!
its not rocket science to get into futo, so i wonder why its taking so long to get enrolled there

instead she's constantly seen parading the streets of otown, Day & Night (all seasons can't be an exception)

with no educational obligations whatsoever.

wonder what she told her folks to get a free pass like that!!
i would love to hear it

i thought you posted something on facebook about being abroad and needing someone's number in another country because you wanted to inquire about schooling conditions there??

you even dropped a foreign number as yours,
so you would understand why i was shocked to see you back in otown?

i was thinking maybe you just haven't had enough of the town,
but then i might be wrong

so for what its worth,
clarify this claims or help me throw more light on what exactly i'm not getting

& i promise i would do whatever you want done as regards this post!!

you're the first i'm giving a way out,
Lets see if you use it



Anonymous said...

yeah, wats up wit her?

LaGEr said...

Yeah,i saw d freakin fuckin post,sometym last year...+97....
Fake lives people live!*hiss*

Dowg said...

Fake lives.

Mike said...

see hw fast u guys were at concluding, am sure u too didnt even see the post, Tat dont tell me u dont know your country code thats bad. whats d point creating a website wen u dont know basic knwlg, +234813 is an mtn no fool. @lager that coke u have bin taking has affected your eye that u no longer see. tat shes a drop out which she is not denying n i dont see how that is ur problem. tat your sick. i have not seen where sending your number to a friend to call u is a crime. anyway i dont blame the three of u, u ve not left Nigeria before so i dont expect you to know how to dial a Nigerian no

Anonymous said...

O tattler why is ur jist mostly abt feddy babes............i guess u must hav been through dat skulll,take am easy ooo
even if u wan quench fire no bi like this.
even los vegas weh bad pass neva get poke nosers reach dis level..hmm

Anonymous said...

jeezzz u guys are soo SICKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
plssssss leave feddy gals alone....
if ur trippin jst sign into d yahoo messenger....KPON KWEM

Anonymous said...

make dis hot,a clue talk abt d law gals 4 imsu wey feel na dem get imsu atleast u've lots of gist dere so check dem out.

Anonymous said...

she has a twin right???

Anonymous said...

so wit d law gals who re startin off k,i tink obiakor dat in finals going 2 twn n owing in salon's jeeeeeeeeeeeez law gals.had she has a flare 4 gal's or na bisexual.

Anonymous said...

wow,u guys should call will be fun

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