Wednesday, January 27, 2010


i know, i've been quiet for a while now

nothing seems to interest anyone around here,

the closest thing to giving people that 'much needed' jOLt was

Iheoma Ogbonna's birthday bash@ Ugwuta Lake/ kinky's bar, Ikenegbu!

if you're conversant with futo's terrains,
you should know this one

400L Pmt
a damsel no doubt,

(taller than hIm too,
no doubt..Lol)

but you wont know much about her if you aren't a member of her inner circles

the world still has romantic boyfriends

(so if your's isn't living up to expectations,
give him a few examples of those who do!!)

Ejiogu Phillip, is one
(now graduate, futo; one time D.O.s EEE) threw his gf this exquisite (by futo's standards) party!

a surprise one too,
just like in the movies

she was seen brandishing him, as usual

but wait, who won't?
especially when he's got a car!!

that's practically every girl's dream in owr

(so if you've got a nice car & presently hooked, this might just be your last bus_stop, if you dont implore 22 century tactics...Lol!)

the guest list was impressive

we had less of the random faces,
& more of the creme

(dont get my definition of creme wrong though, but lets let things slide on this one)

there was Okereke Muski

(he never misses any parties, he's one person i know that's practically inter-connected with everyone in futo somehow; you could do a survey on
*who doesn't muski know in futo*
---->> is it the king's college connections, or his department's? church? Attends more than 1!! Umuchima's too!

before she realises the hard way that futo isn't a bed of roses unlike the picture being portrayed by her friends, final years students in Le Meridien Ext. wasn't always this easy for them, its a process!!
they are over and done with!!

their *leaving*, though it seems to tarry, is also a process & will definately come to pass)

Phillip's Entourage
(no need naming names, contrary to what you people may think i'm not that jobless..Lol)

a few people from her department, Munachi Ekpo & Co.

Ebene Godwin,
Junior (man o war wannabee)

a host of madonna girls
(i think they're now imported easily, maybe a leasing firm or something)

our very own Miss. Heartland,

the almost albino'ish one!!
'07 or '08, i'm not quite sure.....didn't notice her while she supposedly reigned

that's about it!!

Imsu has started exams,
mostly down-school courses have been written

but still everyone has gotten into the exam mood,

so you dont expect to hear anything too serious from them

except for those that it's a way of life for them,

& talking about it would be likened to flogging an already dead horse

can i leave @ this point?

your criticisms have been most welcome,

& i would trY to look into everything, to learn from my mistakes

your judicious comments,
...consistent too!!

i'm giving this one out to you,

you're almost gaining more popularity
than myself

bIG uPS*
thanks for keeping up the heat there for me while i hibernated



Anonymous said...

I will luv diz futo gist.Pls talk more about Phillip's male fwendz.The fake onez...Pls talk more about those fools

Anonymous said...

yeah, its true wat you say about okereke, he's everywhr!

i think i know the Stephanie girl, ha name no be chiazor??

Anonymous said...

i missed out on this party chei.pls otattler how where guests invited? Wars there really a guest list?

DEEZNUTS said...

I got a shoutout? :) Uh...thanks but thanks (trying my best to be polite). It'll only attract more backlash from buffoons. The gossip is the bigger picture here. Lol. I keep forgetting that, myself...

Finally, people I know personally. Okay...a FUTO party!? How er...exciting -_-. Mechanics at a garage on a public holiday can throw a better party than all of FUTO combined. I just hope they don't go outside (outside Imo State, ofcourse) and consider themselves "creme" (<-- God I hate this word). #Justsaying.

Oh...& uh...Olodo's, think before you write me anymore essays. Thank you.

Kel said...

Lol @Deeznuts. Futo parties are fucking dry. Okereke should do and graduate jor we are tired of seeing him and the rest.

Boogie said...

i dnt fnk steph's gonna learn d hard way, she's a smart chic..... i mean .. sharp chic.... u knw ... d sharp kinda smart.

muski.... wel sha, same msg2all oda graduates, 'make una do commot', its time4us2take ova!!

chukeke said...

shei na chiazor,she's always wif dem final yr bois,especially in k n s,queen of peace and even le meridan,i be fink she be final girl....she go fail oo,make una warn

charles said...

will not blame d chiazor gurl with final years. dats the trend wif futo gbekus. wannabe b by all means.

Anonymous said...

great party i must say.. as 4 d chiazor gal issue .. !!!!.. giv us beta gist abeg..

pokemon said...

all dis hungry owr boys.if dey hear party dy dn fly....c dat derrick guy dat does car snatchin,wth nlemigbo dat kidnapped him self cos oppression on him was much..c urch dat only carries ashawo..u all shld grow up

Anonymous said...

pls tell us more of ifeanyi eke

Anonymous said...

tell us mr abt amarachi enyinaya plsoooooo

Anonymous said...

hmmm.... throw more light on Ejiogu Philip's fake friends?

Gbaski said...

About this picture, that gurl putting on purple and black should be in the best position to tell us who this foolish tattler is unless she is dump cos i suppose that "big liped creature" is her friend or she was just so unfortunate to be standing beside the fool.. maybe because the V.I.P is not that affordable for her..

rakim said...

that party was filled wth stupid people..c people like derrick...who is the girl dating him...c body shape

Gbaski said...

ha is it derrick the funny faced nigga?

Anonymous said...

Who are these host of Madonna girls, throw green lite on them.

Anonymous said...

gbaski it is spelt dumb not dump ...RAZZMATAZZ

chocolata said...

yeah rite muski is so everywhere. anyway i preefer futo boys to imsu guys they suck n futoites rock. take it or leave it.

Anonymous said...

@rakim you wey dey talk, how you think say your shape be with your very big head

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