Monday, February 28, 2011

Richie's Niche

Ok RichmOnd,
I loved the whole idea of folks coming wit their own drinks & all (Otown boozE heads),
This is the kinda innovation I embrace, biG uPs & many more fruitful years ahead.

That's how a niche is carved out, in stone, in wood, in Life* #Don'tDuLL

Just one (s)table stood out,
like a white stallion in the midst of asses*
bOttLes of whiskey & scotch, upping it a notch with rOsE***

Beggars don't ride white stallions,
so the elites who rode @ this stable were evidently different from the Lot

Gfs and acquaintances were left @ home,
Those without BBs & dint get the broadcast, were left out too**

Dane guns were shot,
& the tame were absent in lots
It was good to see peeps wild & somewhat out of control*

If you know futo you'd know it ain't the norm & worth mentioning,
just like Jennifer & her midnight face cap are worth mentioning too*
(By the Oak tree all night)

Does it have to do with that celeb thingy, not making eye contact with fans?? Or is it just as glaring??... something wrong with the hair??

+ why do I get the feeling bathroom slippers are now in vogue?
A lot of daring folks but Emeka, your monologue is unique to you and your room mate (Cj) with waist like a bearing (Lol)

There's nothing I hate more than the shorts up ur supposedly sexy gown**
Its just appalling, looking like a zebra & all

I'm not gonna name names,
since we all were @ a parry to have fun*
BUt Ella, you've got legs to die for...good thing I still got life in me (Lol)

There was George the brigadier of guards, who was seen all through protecting his interest, lest history repeats itself (To Whom it may concern)

Iheoma, nice gOwn*
Where were you hiding all that sexiness prior??

Cherechi, really wat was that?
Joan rivers would have a bitch fit if she spotted you in those... who does that???didn't know it was #RagDay all over again cc @(chukwu)nonye who thought it was a slumber party, or was it? I could have sworn that was granny's gown



lil africa resido said...

ummmmmm.....o tattler....d boys wld get @ u

Anonymous said...

Fuck U!

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