Sunday, February 13, 2011

happy VaL7_ dAy

Living without Love,
is like walking alone through life, in the scorching sun with no one to make the journey any less painful

so its understandable,
downright admissible the lengths we get to,
or the Lies we peddle, to self & otherwise

just to keep that feeling burning within,
the same one, that momentariLy makes everything ok, or @least seem so*

The significance of Saint VaLentine's Day border on two things,
*#Love & Affection#*

The magnitude and dimensions in which the two are put in play, are totally dependent on the individual

It could be a grand dinner @ the hilton,
Or painstakingLy nice table cloth & a home cooked meaL with love

It could be the norm, or a slight deviation from it, time out with usual friends;
Or a day with total strangers,
the motherless & in need of some love

Or pOpcoRn & two movies,
the couch, the plasma (or 15") & the Mrs.

Its the intent & fulfillment that really matter,
you need not incure nothing, rather conjure the love within...say it, show it & try to outLive it *wink*

but then again I guess we don't have lots of WaJE's in otown,besides wetin concern Ala Ngwori with Mission Impossible?
JOoR oOoO!!! Lol

I won't exactly call the Sunflower a rare flower,
but useful is more like it.
It's an annual flower native to the Americas, but her seeds were exported to Europe in the 16th Century

I dare liken a woman to a Sunflower,
it might seem crazy but I do have a point (Lol)

Her stems contain a fibre that can be used in paper production, sunflower oil is a widespread cooking ingredient & her leaves are widely accepted by the cattle as feed.

she workable & supportive,
while you drive on a two way street
unlike the Rose,

Who is beautiful at first but soon withers when & if Money hits the dooR and maintenance is the highest hurdle (##)

Ambiguous as you are, it aint no Biggie,
you don't leave your sUnfLoweR for frivolities, such as pretty Lips (Uchechi) & a number of the things that should matter the least.

know it is the norm to be the Light unto her paths, her torch (nOnso) in utter Darkness, but the flip side has its upsides although we might choose to be myopic about it *wink*
let Linny be boLd & stiLL beAutifuL,

it aint all about curves,
don't you hear all these clamour for women empowerment....Lol (#GoFiguRe)

you might be fierce (Diane) and all,
its one roll of the Dice, on the other hand two rocks of ice (Cj)... twice as nice!!
things are not always what they seem, Cream or sugar?!

Happy Vals Day Owr

2 B ContinueD, testing the waters

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