Friday, October 8, 2010


Its time for us the youth to be a part of something great, as should be the norm.

I've got biG ideaS for this bLog of mine, and its an idea biG enough for us to share & benefit from.

Its election time

Its no news that many of our aspirants gunning for various positions, are tuRninG to the new media for campaigns. There's twitter, facebook (G.E.J) & different youth outreach sites to get our attention.

If your smaRt enough, you'd have already figured our where I'm going with this....I want our very own to be added to my prior list.

I'm hoping by now, most of us have dislodged the personal vendattas we had with this blog, & now have our eyes open to see that otattleR is biggeR than any person; its our (otowners) voice to the rest of the woRLd & I suggest we begin to use it cautiously, wiseLy.

We have a rigHt to vote, & come 2011 we plan to exercise those rights. We have a right to endorse whomever we deem feat & just to lead us into our best of tomorrows.

So pls no rash comments, we know you knw how to use swear words, under the guise of anonymity. I need your contributions on how to forge ahead, so I'm not labeled unJust as I've been previousLy taGgeD.

I haLf scaRed as to your reactions to tHis post,
But bRinG it on...we'the make it a foRum, doesn't matter wHat kinD.



Anonymous said...

i would like to know who will be votin for wen it cums to governoership election for me.

king3 d1st said...

Were goingn to vote for Sen. Ifeanyi Ararume. Wel that,s if he make's it past the Primaries.

Anonymous said...

he jst might make it past the primaries.
he has always been a strong contestant*

Updates & Game Tracker said...

3rd to the last paragraph the word is FIT not feat, asides that nice article

Re-mark-uknowdrest said...

dunno what really brought me here,but i know i was expecting some juicy gossip-unless i've been under a rock-but WHERE THE HECK HAS O TATLA BEEN....
We dont here bout u no more,every1s doing shit everywhere,nobody cares if otatla is gonna see them and lots of shit,
i think i have to go see previous posts,,,,

Anonymous said...

I don't have anything againt u trying to be creative in writting,its just that there a lot of people doing that.we wanted something different.I used to relax with otattler every evening after work. Now I dontt bother.u were u r so boring

king 3 d1st said...

O.k, lets work towards putting Sen.Ararume on the sit. common Ohakim is full of shit, his a looser & together we can bring him down.

Anonymous said...

otattler give us beta gist

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